Reparations – My Sissy Slave’s First BBC – Part 2

After I had an earth shaking orgasm, I was ready to make my pussy gush by visual stimulation. So next. I let my slave clean my swollen little snatch and began to back away. Now, it was time for reparations – my sissy slave’s first BBC.

I clicked off the wand and motioned for my big strong black friend to approach with his semi-hard cock in hand. Damn, it was huge! My slave had no clue what he was in for, but I could tell that he sensed the fun was not over… and, maybe he could tell there was a second person in the room.

With his mouth still hanging open, he did realize when he felt a much larger hand begin to caress the back of his head and pull it in towards a warm body. The heat was immense as a huge cock tip slid onto his tongue. On contact, I could see my slave begin to drool over his big member.

There was a glistening drizzle coming from the tip and shining off of his warm, wet, soft tongue that my good slave began to eagerly lick and coax into his excited cocksucker. Directly, my big black friend pulled my little sissy in further until his huge member was completely engulfed by his hungry mouth, just stretching the boundaries of his lips, and his throat.

He gagged, but at the same time I could see the smile curl up and my sissy slave’s face brighten!

He worked his big cock between those pretty little lips, plunging deeper and deeper into that tight throat-hole. I could see the outline of his huge cockhead working down deeper and I began to caress my wet tight cunt. Mmm… What an amazing sight!

Once his thick BBC was hard and erect, he quickly traveled to the sissy’s backside. Then, my slave’s little man pussy was stuffed. 

“Get on all fours and present your little pussy slave!”

With excitement, he complied. Instantly, his ass completely in the air. Next, my strong dark friend removed the plug and spat into his tight fuckhole. After moving the pulsating head of his cock around the puckered rim, my slave moaned. Seemed both parties were enjoying themselves as was I. My cunt was dripping wet as his dark cock disappeared in between the cheeks of my pasty white sissy.

“Beg for his big black cock! Ask him for forgiveness of all white men! Give yourself to him!”

Oh how he begged! That chocolate pole was plunging in and out of his vanilla hole, stretching his man pussy to the limit. My sissy got rock-hard! Soon after, a huge load of cum splashed onto the floor of the suite. But my friend kept pumping him full of precum. 

Right away, I could see the shiny liquid drizzling from his cheeks, past his balls, and onto the floor.

Then as my friend’s huge round balls drew into his body and began to twitch more rapidly, he grabbed the slave’s hips even tighter and a load erupted from his throbbing black cock. There was so much cum. Right away, my eyes were widened and I couldn’t help but let loose a moan as I orgasmed a second time.

“Remove your blindfold! I want you to thank him. Then, clean up this mess with your dirty little tongue.”

Mmm… I hope you enjoyed, but if you want to read it all over again start with part 1 of Reparations – My Sissy Slave’s First BBC.

And, if you want to hear the entire nasty little story with all the dirty details told in my sexy southern voice, purchase my audio!

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