Reclaiming The Unicorn Status: Rhiannon Gets Back Into the Swinger Lifestyle Part 2

Thinking to myself how much I wanted to be this swinger couple’s unicorn, I walked up to them and introduced myself. The man, whose name was Roger, couldn’t keep his eyes off my chest, and it made me feel so hot and bothered that he was undressing me with his eyes. The wife, whose name was Sabrina, was wonderful at carrying on a conversation. Her laugh was magical.

 I couldn’t help but imagine my tongue and fingers thrust into her pussy while her husband fucked me from behind, our moans filling the bedroom. 


It became really obvious that we were super attracted to one another, so we escorted ourselves to one of the private bedrooms. Roger began to strip, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his belt in a flash. In one swift movement, he was pulling down my panties and bending me over. Sabrina laid on the bed and watched, her mouth parted in a hungry, toothy smile as she slid her panties down her beautiful legs. She pulled the lingerie off over her head in a flash. Sabrina then showed  me those perfect nipples that I’d been fantasizing about.


Sabrina’s tits were in my face and she guided my mouth to one of her nipples. Gently, she stroked my long raven-colored hair as Roger came up behind me and started lapping at my pussy from behind. His hot tongue lapped at my folds and over my tight little asshole. It was so good to see a man that loved so many parts of a woman. He parted my pussy lips and inserted a finger, pumping in and out of my pussy as I moaned around Sabrina’s nipple. She was so loving, so gentle as she guided my face to her own, already wet, cunt. The two of us were enjoying being eaten at the same time.


The taste of her pussy was exquisite!


A little tangy, a little sweet, but so wet and all over my face. I couldn’t get enough of it and buried my face between her legs, wanting so much more of her. As I was doing this, Roger was fingering my pussy, getting it nice and ready for his cock. It felt so good as he slid his dick into my slit, slamming into my cervix in one thrust. I moaned loudly into Sabrina’s pussy, and she grabbed me by the hair, forcing me back onto her. She was about to cum all over my face and didn’t want me going anywhere! 


Sabrina came with a loud moaning sigh, and just as she did, I couldn’t help myself. I came too! My pussy milking Roger’s cock with little flutters as he pumped in and out of me. With a groan, I felt the thick cum shoot from his dick and into my awaiting pussy. He pulled out, and the sticky mess trailed down my thighs before he pulled my panties back up and told me I should go home like that. Full of his cum, face smelling of pussy and feeling very satisfied. 


That’s exactly what I did! Of course I got their number, too. I couldn’t wait to play with them again. I had missed being a unicorn so very badly, and this definitely wouldn’t be the last time I’d see this amazing couple. 


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