Ravish Play – Deep Strokes – Part 2 

He asked me what I was doing dressed like a little slut out here by his place of business? I was speechless. Since I was working and it was so hot, why was it a big deal? After all, we were at a farm and I was working on a barn! Why was he scolding me in Ravish Play – Deeper Strokes ?

Although I didn’t think he could get any closer, he did. Indeed, I do not think a wisp of air could travel between our bodies. Instantly, my pulse increased as did my breathing.

“What’s wrong? A little whore like you can come out to my farm dressed like this and not expect attention? Is this not what you wanted?”

I could feel his cock growing hard against me as he pulled me in, squeezing my round ass cheeks.

Immediately I apologized, and I explained I didn’t know he would feel this way. Over and over, I told him I was just hot and needed to cool down. 

Apparently, he didn’t think much of what I said as he poured the full glass of lemonade he was bringing out to quench my thirst, down upon me. “There, cool now?” He asked as tears welled up in my eyes.

“I didn’t mean to anger you sir.” Apologizing again, I turned to leave. He grabbed my arm and slung me back. In a deep, angry voice he said, “you aren’t going anywhere.”

Barely catching my breath, I protested as he pulled me into the barn. Then, he grabbed a rope and quickly began to tie my hands. When I struggled, almost coming loose, a hard smack came across my face. The pain almost sent me to my knees.

I kept thinking “what have I gotten myself into?”.

Once he had my hands bound, he attached the rope to a hook that hung down from the ceiling. It seemed to be on some kind of primitive pulley system, but it seemed, strong and steady, impossible to escape. I know because I was desperately trying as he stripped off my shorts and panties. Exhausted from fighting, I knew there was nothing I could do and I would have to go along with his wishes.

He slipped his fat long cock out of his blue jeans and stroked as he knelt down to eat my pussy.

“You are sopping wet you little slut!”

What, I am wet? I know I am always wet, but why now? Obviously, I didn’t want to make this easier for him! But my body was reacting to him, and I found myself strangely aroused.

He stood. First, he rubbed my pussy lips before he spread them wide, giving him full access. Then, he took his, now full hard, cock and guided it into my swollen tight pussy. He held onto me as he fucked me harder and harder, faster and faster. “You like how that feels you nasty little bitch?”

As he stroked himself inside my velvety tight snatch, I gripped on his cock; wanting more and more. “Please…” Before I could finish he popped me again and grabbed a handful of hair, forcing my eyes to meet his. Then he stroked in and out a few more times, moaning, holding his head to mine.

With a grunt, he exploded inside of me.

I could feel his cum running out of me, down my thighs. As I looked down to see the glistening juice traveling further and further, I realized how badly my arms ached from being strapped above me. 

“Please!” I exclaimed.

He got me down from the hook and cut the rope. Then he threw my jean shorts at me. “Clean yourself up before my wife gets home. And, make sure you wear the same outfit tomorrow, you little whore”. Afterwards, he winked at me.

Still bewildered, I cleaned off as best as I could and put my materials up for the day. 

I returned the following morning wearing my daisy dukes and a cute little cut-off tank top.

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