Ravish Play – Deep Strokes – Part 1

Only a few may know, but I love art and dabble in abstract painting. The sensual strokes of a brush to accommodate my mind’s overworkings usually calms me. So when my friend asked if I would paint a mural on a local barn, I squealed with excitement. I would have my senses even more exhilarated than expected that day though. Of course this was unbeknownst to me, in Ravish Play – Deep Strokes.

When I showed up to the site, a wide array of paints were laid out before me. So many choices at my disposal almost made me cream right then and there! I could not believe I landed this gig and was so thankful for the opportunity. 

This, I thought, will really get my name out there. I smiled as I measured my canvas, the backside of a barn which faced the road. The barn was used for events and the owner wanted something beautiful, something floral. Since I loved painting flowers, this definitely was my cup of tea.

Then this tall, handsome gentleman with dimples and a scruffy beard approached.

He brought me a mason jar with fresh homemade lemonade and introduced himself as Dave, the owner. As I took the glass from his hand, I trembled as his warm fingers brushed across my inner hand. I thanked him nervously. 

Before I could speak again, he welcomed me and began on about the farm’s past and his plans for the future. His ideas were truly exciting and I was glad to be a part of such a transition. I gave him a quick run-down of what I had planned for the mural and he seemed delighted.

His grin did something to me and I couldn’t help but gaze into his dreamy blue eyes.

This man had a lot of ambition and it was reeling me in like an exhausted fish on a Sunday afternoon. But I was here for a job and kept my composure, stayed professional. As he walked away though, I couldn’t help but check out his fit body and his sexy stride.

Once I broke out of my trance, I began to pop open the first paint can lid and dip my brush inside.

With long hard strokes and sweat dripping from my brow, I began to see a progression of beauty on the back of this otherwise bland building. Taking a step back, I gazed upon my work and was truly impressed. But I was so hot as the sun blazed down. What would it hurt for me to take off my coveralls? After all, I still had my cute cut-off daisy dukes and crop top underneath. They were old and I didn’t care if they were splashed with paint.

When I finished removing my coveralls, the cool breeze blew through and I felt a sense of relief. Little did I know Dave was coming to check on my progress with another lemonade. As I turned around, he was right upon me. I could feel the warmth of his body radiating as his blue eyes pierced deep into my soul.


If you liked part 1, you are going to have to cum back on Wednesday and check out part 2 of Ravish Play – Deep Strokes!

Or you can always purchase the audio and hear the entirety with all the sexy little details in my charming southern voice!

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