Quarantine Confessions – Encounter With The Store Manager Part 1

I can’t wait to spill all of my quarantine confessions and secrets! If you guys keep up with me on a regular basis, you all know that I carry and have a lot of secrets and I love telling you guys about them. Well, what is today’s quarantine confession? I was a very naughty girl last night for going out and gotting fucked. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m crazy but I’ve just been so desperate to get my pussy fucked, I really just had to go for it. Not only did I get fucked last night, but I got fucked by the manager of my local grocery store.

I know what you’re all thinking, that you’re not surprised by this because I’m known for crazy wild adventures, but I really wasn’t after anyone, it just kind of happened. 

I know what you are all wondering. Tell the story and to do that, I have to flashback to yesterday afternoon. I had been pretty good during this quarantine, but I was really craving taco’s and I didn’t have the stuff to make them, and plus, I’ve been stuck at home for too long, I needed an excuse to dress myself up and do my make up again.

I decided that even though I was just hitting up the grocery store, I had to look my best and look really cute just in case. 

Truthfully, if I had to confess, I always wanted to look cute no matter where I was going.

I found a sexy light blue dress that goes down to about my knees. Some black pantyhose and some heels, I have to say, made my ass look really sexy in this dress. I put on some blue eye shadow to match my dress and some red lipstick. Naturally, I did myself up a bit and put my hair back in a ponytail. I thought I looked hot and was excited to go shopping.

I got to the store and of course, the lines were crazy busy but I noticed this really hot guy standing by the door. He kept looking at me and I knew that look. He was looking at mee and admiring how sexy I was. I could tell he was the type to have dirty secrets of his own.

Not thinking anything of it but some friendly gestures, I just went about my business and finally did my shopping. When I got to the register, I noticed that the same guy who was looking at me went to check me out. I was a bit confused, considering that he wasn’t even working on a register, to begin with. I just smiled and he exchanged a sweet look back at me. A look of you’re cute and fuckable, so of course, I started to get excited.

My pussy was dripping at the idea of doing something so bad and naughty.

I wanted him to fuck me because it had been too long. My pussy needed to be filled. It was driving me so crazy.

If you want to read about the rest of my quarantine confessions then come back on Thursday for part 2. Or, if you just can’t wait, check out my audio blog! I’m sure you’ll love it! And, if you’re curious about what else I’ve been up to, check out my sensual erotic bath blog.

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