Pup Joins The Pack, a Puppy Play Fantasy Unleashed – Part 1

You’re there, down in front of me on your hands and knees while looking at the floor. Such a good pup.

“Awe, don’t be nervous, pup. I’m sure the pack will enjoy you.”

They’re waiting in the room behind us, and I can feel their energy pouring through the wall. We are all ready. So ready. Ready to meet you.

I can see you taking a gulp of air, your chest tight. Walking around you while watching as you try to turn and look at me.

“Stay,” I command, and you do. You sit there, while your muscles twitch. Tonight’s the night, and by the end of it you could end up a full-fledged pack member.

Lowering myself in front of you I start stroking the naked skin of your back.

“Are you ready?”

Your head nods as I take the beautiful black and red leather mask off the coffee table. I stroke your hair while smoothing it back, and feel you lean into my hand, and tilt your head up so I can gaze into your eyes.

“Tonight is for your puppy self,” I say. “Your true self, and as such, you shouldn’t hold anything in. Do you understand?”

As you nod your head bumps my hand.

“Such a good boy, too. You understand tonight I will be your trainer and your owner until this hood is removed, by me.”

I can hear your whine as you nod again.

“Well then,” I say as I pet your hair, “close your eyes for me, sweet boy.” Looking at your face while my hand moves to your cheek. “Feel this moment, and the strength of this floor under you. Feel all those points of contact with your skin. No need to think about anything else while you’re sitting here.” Your breathing slows. “Feel my hand on your face and the depths inside you. Find that small curious self.” The face you wear while outside is changing. “I know he’s there,” and we wait as you find him. Your body tenses and releases unconsciously, while I watch. “Feel him there, his energy and his desire to be here. To be a good boy.” Shoulders relaxing as your muscles loosen. “To be my good boy.”

The way you hold yourself changes as he slides into your body and I tell you to open your eyes. Both of you looking out at me. I smooth your hair as I bring the soft leather up over your head and down over your face, and buckle it. Your body is excited, and I can watch the difference in your posture.

“Are you ready?” I ask. You perk as my voice raises in pitch.

“Is somebody ready to meet some friends?” I can see your butt twitch as I talk. “Is someone ready for playtime?”

You bark as I walk to the door, cracking it open. Inside are my four pups and they are so ready to meet you. All naked except for their masks, gloves, and knee pads. Just like you.

“Everyone, this is Ian. Ian, this is the pack.”

They pour out as soon as the door opens, instantly surrounding you, and all you can see is a wall of human pup no matter where you turn. The pack surrounds you while a male pup with a green and black mask approaches. I can see you vibrate with nervous energy pouring from every inch of your body. It’s as intoxicating as a hot drink on a cold winter day.

“Hold still,” I tell you. Your paw is raised as you trying to put some space between yourself and him. It doesn’t work. “Ian, this is John.” He comes closer as he’s smelling you, sniffing your head, your neck, your chest, and your cock.  Each move he makes is sure and planned. As his head presses against you, you freeze. John’s cock is hard and twitching, giant between his thigh. Before you move to submit he is already moving around you, displeased by the time it took you to think of submitting.


I hope you’re enjoying this puppy play fantasy. If you can’t wait until Friday for part 2 you can buy the audio here.


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