Pup Joins The Pack, a Puppy Play Fantasy – Part 2


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John has moved in, behind you, cock glistening, and suddenly you find yourself pinned to the floor. The other pups are still surrounding you, barking and excited, a hard cock on either side of you. You can feel John behind you, and I hear your yelp, and then…In one swift thrust he moves inside you, claiming your body as his. I watch your muscles twitch, your body desperately trying to make sense of the situation. You’re pinned down by my pack, and taken by my alpha. He bites your neck hard, and you fight. But it feels good, so good, and we all watch as your body relaxes, watch as you finally submit.

It’s another minute before his teeth release you. I can see the indents left behind, white marks surrounded by red, waiting for blood flow to return. You bark and yelp but you’re letting John fuck you. And fuck you he does. I watch, enjoying the way his cock slides out so far, and then slams back in. Your yelps turn to moans, and I watch as John spurts inside you. I watch his blue eyes behind his mask shining as he lays claim to you.

He moves back, his cock exiting with a small wet sound, and leaves you there, a puddle of puppy goo.

The remaining pack members come over to smell your ass, cum still leaking out. Sophie’s ass is wiggling as John backs up. She leans down and starts rimming you. You yelp, but then relax. I imagine your hole is extra sensitive after being fucked by my alpha. I look over at John and can see that he wants to take you again, and if I don’t do anything, he will.

“Sit,” I say to John. He looks up at me, frustration in his eyes. “Sit,” I say again, watch as he tries to take a step toward you. I step between you two, in the middle of the pack, and gesture with my hand. “Sit.” John sits back but his whole body is tense. “Good pup,” I tell him, and grab a treat from my pocket. John’s eyes get wide. “Do you want this?” I ask him. He barks and I ask again, “Is this what you want?” He barks with a tiny wine escaping his throat. “Alright, be a good boy and Sit Pretty.” He moves, kneeling with his feet under his hips, his back straightening, and moves his arms to his chest, keeping his elbows and forearms tucked in.

“Good boy,” I toss the treat and he catches it in his mouth.

Having him Sit Pretty displays his cock perfectly.

Sophie starts to come closer but I tell her “No,” and she stays back.

I look at you, still goey, and back to john. “You want to be a good boy and clean his cock?” You lick your lips but something holds you back, a poor anxious pup. I know you’ll love being a part of the pack, we just have to get you out of your shell. You whimper. “Be a good boy now, pup,” I say as I hold my hand out. It takes a second, but you crawl towards it. I pet your head, scratching the leather of your mask. “It’s okay sweet boy.” I can see the desire to go to him. You want to take his softening cock in your mouth.

Just as you start to move Sophie bumps against me, trying to get to her alpha’s cock, , but I hold her off. Still petting your head I kneel to look in your eyes. “It’s okay,” I murmur. “No ones going to judge you.” I watch as the fear in your eyes leave momentarily until you hear Sophie whine.

“Sit,” I tell her. I watch as she lowers, but her ass doesn’t touch the ground. “Sit,” I say again. Her butt still hovering an inch or two off the ground. “Sophie,” I laugh, “We’re supposed to be on good behavior, remember?” She whines before her ass finally makes contact with the floor.

“Don’t mind her,” I tell you.

“She’s just jealous because she usually cleans up John’s cock. But this time it’s for you.” I look at you with your serious eyes, stroking your head, down your neck, and over your back. “Now, are you ready to be a good boy and clean his cock?”

You yip and whine, your excitement rising. Through all this John has been sitting so still, and I know you can feel the dominance his whole body seems to ooze. As you crawl to him, he growls. “Keep your eyes down and move slowly,” I tell you. John still growls but I know you’re safe. By the time you’ve gotten to his cock its twitching again. Covered in his cum and your ass juice I can see how excited you are.

“Gently,” I say as I watch your face lowers towards his hips, tongue outstretched. John’s growl has gotten lighter, but is still audible, as you make contact with his wet cock. Sophie wines as she watches you and I move to shush her. John’s eyes hold onto your figure, a low growl still in his throat. We watch, all of us, as you clean his cock. It hardens as you work, and after cleaning his shaft, you take the head of him into your mouth. John’s growl stops, and while his eye are still fixed on you I can see his body relax.

“Such a good boy, you want to make your alpha happy Ian?”

Your butt wiggles in the air as you slide your mouth over his member, taking him deeper and deeper into your throat. You start to gag and come back up for air, but John’s growl makes you close your lips around him again. You take him deep, so deep, and we all watch as you gag. Your body fights you as you push past it. You come up for air, barely holding yourself up before sliding him back in, your mouth bobbing up and down. I bend and can see the outline of his cock in your throat.

Sophie is still whining, but now it only seems to increase your pace. You work harder while John grunts happily. I can see sticky precum leaking out of my other pup’s cocks. You bob up and down, up and down, up and down, until suddenly John explodes deep in the back of your throat. After you’ve swallowed every last drop you come back up, out of breath.

“Well Ian,” I say, “Welcome to the pack.”

I hope you enjoyed this week’s puppy play blog. If you’re interested in hearing me read this fantasy out loud for you, it is available in the shop here.


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  1. Daddy J March 19, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    Mmmmm! This was a fantastic story! I want to here more! Arf Arf Arf !


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