Welcome back, everyone! Ready for more public sex with a Djinn?

The cave slowly faded away around us. The alter stayed, turning to one that seemed set up for some kind of sacrifice. We were in a completely different room of the haunted house all of a sudden, one I recognized from earlier in the tour. People walked by, but no one seemed to notice us. 

“I see you’re finally getting it,” the man laughed behind me before sucking on my clit. I moaned loudly, then glanced around. No one looked at us. “They can’t see or hear us. Well, might hear you moan a little, but that’s not out of place. Don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind about your wish.” Two of his thick fingers slid into my greedy cunt. “I don’t do take backs.”

“You really are a djinn,” I gasped. My hips rocked my pussy back onto his fingers. “Fuck. Yes. Fuck me still. Use your magic.”

It must have been the right thing because he groaned before leaning back in to lick more at my clit. My tits were hanging over the other side of alter, bouncing against it as I moved. Suddenly, a pair of his hands rose from the fog around us and pulled off my bra. His hands were on my breasts immediately, groping them roughly even as I felt the other pair inside my pussy and on my ass. I felt so exposed and I loved it.

The magical hands pinched and twisted my nipples, making me moan louder. I felt the djinn stand up and smack my ass hard before rubbing that thick cock against my slit. “Such a loud little slut,” he murmured. “Maybe I should shut you up.”

The hands rose even more, bringing a copy of the djinn in front of me. Before I could even come to terms with this, he was sliding his long blue dick into my mouth, fucking it in shallow thrusts. I started to suck, moaning around his flesh. Behind me, the original djinn began to penetrate my tight pussy, filling me up. 

I didn’t have to do anything, really, but suck and take it. It was so hot, having public sex with a djinn, and now there were two of them, filling me up! They both moved, fucking me from both ends. My throat and my cunt were filled over and over, used like a little toy. They pounded me hard, using me up. A spare mouth kissed up my thighs and began sucking hard on my clit like it was a little cock itself. 

I screamed, coming hard, though my screams were muffled by the erection still pounding my throat. It triggered something in them both, making them moan in tandem. I felt twin gushes of cum, into my cunt and down my throat. The djinn in front of me faded into smoke while the one behind me remained, lazily thrusting a few more times into me. 

“Well, that was a good audition. Now it’s time for you to start fulfilling my wishes.” With that, he took me away from the haunted house in a puff of smoke.

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