The night I had public sex with a djinn was the best Halloween of my life.

Haunted houses are one of my favorite parts of Halloween. I love all of the creative ways to scare people and the chance to dress up in cute outfits. Today, I was Little Red Riding Hood, with a tight, low cut white top and a short red skirt, petticoats making it nice and full. My friends and I separated, and I was all alone when I stepped into what looked like a dark, damp cave room.

The room was very quiet compared to the haunted house, almost like stepping in had blocked out the outside world. My steps echoed as I wandered through, approaching the ornate lamp in the middle of the room. “Djinn don’t live in lamps,” I murmured to myself as I lifted it and carefully rubbed the side, assuming that’s how you got through to the next room.

“Yes, but so few of you humans know that,” a deep voice said from right behind me.

Clutching the lamp to my breasts, I whirled around to face a gorgeous man, his skin blue and his body well sculpted. He took the lamp from me, making the bands on his arms and the rings through his nipples glint in the low light. I watched him smile, beard and mustache twitching with it. “I suppose you have a few wishes?” the djinn asked.

That was such an opening that I couldn’t help myself.

“Just one,” I said, stepping close to his chiseled body. He wore good make up- it looked like his skin was truly blue. It must have been the effect of all the smoke around us. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to take a risk. I wish for this cock of yours to be inside of me.” 

My friends always said that I was too forward, but this genie seemed to like my hand cupping him through the thin silk of his pants. He let out a laugh, throwing his head back. “Well, that is certainly a wish that I’ll enjoy granting for once,” he told me, pulling me close. He leaned in and kissed me deeply, his whiskers tickling my face. I groaned into the kiss, my hand still working his cock through his pants. He was so big, even half hard like this.

I couldn’t tell what he did with the lamp, but his hands were both free to roam my body, skimming my sides and cupping my breasts. Then he removed my cape. “Won’t we be found?” I whispered against his lips, not sure if I minded public sex with a djinn.

“They won’t be able to see us. Trust me. You and I are the only ones who can be in here.” He pulled my top down so that his lips could trace the edge of my bra. Feeling daring, I tucked my hand into his pants and wrapped it around his cock, stroking softly. He groaned, thrusting into my hand as his blue cock swelled to full stiffness. He was going to feel amazing in my pussy.

The djinn spun me, shoving me down over the alter where the lamp had been.

I heard him kneel down behind me before his hands stroked up my thighs and pushed my petticoats up. He pulled my panties down and I felt his hot, wet tongue lick broadly over my wet slit. Then something happened that shocked me to my core.

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