Public Sex, Aria gets pounded by a stranger part two

So the man stands up behind me, and I hear his zipper slide down. I can’t believe I’m about to have public sex…. again! I know what is next, I brace myself for his assault in my ass. It never comes, because instead he slams himself into my pussy. I let out a cry of surprise and pleasure, that is muffled by my hands. The man grabs a hold of my hips, and starts pounding my pussy like his life depends on it.

It isn’t pretty, it isn’t porn worthy. He is humping me hard while he breathes raggedly into my ear. Despite the lack of romance, I’m so aroused it hurts. My thighs are dripping with juices, and I’m about to cum despite myself.

My attacker reaches up with one hand and grabs a fist full of my hair, ripping my head back. His other hand snakes around my throat and he digs his cock in extra deep. The gut deep groan that rips from my lips makes tears spring to my eyes.

Why am I like this? No matter what happens to me, I end up loving what happens. I never asked for this. I don’t know this man, and I never gave him permission. Yet time and time again, I’m miserable until a man targets me. So, I think I must emit some sort of signal for them to come take me as they please.

Whatever it is, shamefully I love it.

I love cock, I love the danger. And I love exploding around a throbbing hard shaft. Those thoughts run through my mind until my vision goes white and I scream my orgasm. My attacker pumping a couple more times before following suit, draining the entirety of his balls inside of me.

He doesn’t stay for small talk, doesn’t even say goodbye. He pulls his pants up and runs off, never to be seen again. Me on the other hand, I’ve collapsed onto the dirty ground, leaking a strange mans cum from my sore and abused pussy. My shorts tangled at my ankles, and my hair disheveled. I sit there, panting, until a man walks by the alley, and stops as he sees me. He gives me a long look, taking in my dripping and erotic state.

He smirks knowingly, and I watch as he slides his zipper down and pulls out his cock. Bigger and harder than the last guy. He approaches me slowly, and my heart begins to race. He strokes himself in anticipation and my breath hitches. Am I really going to let this guy have some sloppy seconds?

Who am I kidding? Of course I am.So, I greet this new stranger with a sweet smile and spread my legs to give him a better view of my cum filled pussy. I’m not one to refuse a rock hard cock…

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