Public Sex, Aria gets pounded by a stranger part one

I absolutely love risky sexual situations. Public sex, strangers, all of it. One of my biggest fantasies is to be overtaken by a stranger in public. I want to describe to you my perfect fantasy situation. I really hope you enjoy.

I’m out running errands. I’m dressed casually, a cute pair of cutoff jean shorts, a white graphic tee, some basic white sneakers, and my purse. My messy beach waves are pulled up and out of my face, exposing my bare slender neck. I’m catnip for a predator. But that is the intention…

My aggressor spots me on the bus, sitting by myself, earbuds in and listening to music. Oblivious to my surroundings, as always. So I get off at my stop and he follows me at a safe distance. I shake my hips along to the music blaring in my ears, humming the beat as I make my way to my destination.

But I don’t make it to my destination. My aggressor grabs me from behind, smothering my cries with his hand over my mouth. He pulls me between two buildings, secluded enough that I can’t be easily spotted, but public enough that if anyone looked, they could see me.

His hot breath tickles my ear as he whispers harshly in my ear.

“Don’t you dare scream, don’t run, just relax and enjoy the ride I’m about to take you on.”

A chill travels down my spine as icy fear shoots through me. As always though, my body betrays me in these sorts of situations. I feel the ache in my breasts as my nipples grow painfully erect, and my thighs squeeze together until I stop the sudden flow of wetness. I close my eyes as a solitary tear slips down my cheek.

My attacker forces my chest up against the wall of the building, and his hands roam all over my body. He hungrily finds every nook and cranny, despite me squirming from his touch. I can’t have him finding out that this turns me on!

Finally, the stranger rips my shorts down to my ankles, and buries his face in my ass. He didn’t even bother to remove my panties before plunging his tongue into my puckered ass. The shock from his tongue going somewhere I didn’t expect, makes me involuntarily groan in pleasure. His hands reach up and grab my cheeks, spreading them wide of him.

So I spread my legs and arched my back, making it easier for him to access not only my ass, but my now soaking wet pussy. He removes one hand from my ass, and thrusts two fingers into my dripping snatch. I start to moan, moving my hips to meet his ministrations on my body. I began to get louder, and so he pulls back and spanks my ass so hard I cry out in pain.

“Shut up you filthy slut, unless you want the whole town to hear you.” My attacker growls. So I cover my mouth with my hands in shame. This strange man is forcing himself on me, and here I am moaning like the whore I am…

Enjoyed my public sex blog? Come back sunday to read the thrilling conclusion! Or if you can’t wait, click here to hear the dirty details straight from my mouth!




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