Public Sex, Finding a Great Fuck in The Grocery Store, Part 1

I step out of the shower and dry myself off

I look in the mirror, and I like what I see. Nice full round breasts, tapering down to a little waist, then just swelling out a little at the hips.  Nice long shapely legs, thanks to my running every day.  I dry my hair and apply my makeup, just right.

Now to decide what to wear,because I am going to try to pick up a guy at the market today.  Horny, that is what I have been lately, I just want some cock! I decide on a push up bra and a low cut tank top, along with a short flare skirt, that barely covers my round little butt! I decide on black thong panties that are so tiny I minus well not have any on!  Now for the shoes, I love my shoes, and I have 100’s of them, mostly stilettos. So I pick out a pair of red shiny stiletto sandals, that makes my legs look fantastic.

Ok, I’m ready,

I grab my little red purse and drive off to the market.  God, I am getting wet already just thinking about finding a hot young stud to service me because I am so Horny!  Parking was easy, not too crowded yet. I go into the store grab a cart and start scoping the situation out. Not too many guys here, that I would be interested in anyway because most of them are older.

 Bingo! I see a lone guy walking down the produce aisle. He is gorgeous, because of dark hair, dark tan, muscular, and tall. My kind of guy! I catch his eye glancing over at me, I give him that little demur smile that guys love.  He nods at me and then starts to walk away, dammit, come back! He is just the kind of guy I would love to Fuck!  I wait a minute and then follow him down the aisle where he went. He is there, with a woman!

Shit! Well that never stopped me before and it won’t stop me now! His wife turns her back to me and starts looking at her list, I see him glance my way, so I jump at the opportunity to entice him a little.  I slowly turn around and bend straight over to pick something up from the bottom shelf, and yes, I spread my legs a little.  Finally I straighten up and glance over my shoulder at him and yes, he was standing there with his mouth hanging open!

Oh yes, I got him now! 

I wink at him and start walking away from him,  however I then hear him behind me, “Um, I have to go check something, I will be right back.” Yes, he is following me! I walk nice and slow so he can see where I am heading. That’s right, to the most secluded place in the store, back by the restrooms.

I slowly walk down the short hallway and I hear footsteps behind me. The excitement is building. Miss, excuse me, do I know you? Oh how cliche! I turn to him and say, “No, but I think you are about to.”  With that I reach out and grab his cock which is  making a bulge in his pants.

“Hey, baby, is that what you want?”

  You bet it is, I grab his hand and put it down to my pussy. “See how wet I am, I need you to fuck me, now!”

“Here in the grocery store, but what if my wife comes over here?”  “Don’t you see, that is what makes it so hot, and so exciting.” I purrr into his ear. I want you right here and right now, are you man enough to take what you want? That was all it took, with a quick glance around, he had his hard cock out and bent me over the handle of my shopping cart.  He shoved aside my little panties and thrust his big throbbing hard cock into my juicy wet swollen pussy!

Come back on Sunday to check out part 2 of this sultry sexy supermarket public sex fantasy.

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