Public Sex At A Park With Young Sophie Part 1

If you like public sex and you have an age play fantasy then I really think this is the story for you. If this isn’t dirty enough for you then make sure you check out my audio blog. I get super nasty and explicit in there and I think it’ll be just the thing you need for stroking material.

There I was sitting on a swing at the park down the street from my house. I was minding my own business and not talking to strangers like the good girl I was supposed to be. Being good isn’t something I do now, but back then, I totally was. I was raised in a strict household after all. As I got older, I’d learn how to do the things I wanted and not get caught. That’s the thing, not getting caught. This particular situation was the beginning of that life lesson.

The sun was starting to dip down behind the mountain when I decided I should probably start heading home. I’d be in an awful lot of trouble if I got there after dark. Sulking, I slid my cute little butt off the swing. I kicked up some woodchips as I made my way off the playground.

As I stomped through the grass, I saw a car flash its’ headlights.

It had been sitting there at the park all day so I was pretty sure it was an undercover cop. He couldn’t be obvious about it or he wouldn’t be able to catch the people doing the bad things. That was common for me to catch onto things other girls my age didn’t. It was part of being a military brat.

I got closer and a man much older than me got out. He looked like he was in his early 30’s, maybe older. “Are you heading home already? You just got here,” he said with a smile.

“Yes, Sir,” I said trying to be respectful. That was how I was raised.

“Why don’t you stick around for a while? I can push you on the swings since you’re here by yourself. You can’t have much fun all alone, can you?”

“Maybe we can play tomorrow,” I said trying not to be rude to an obvious policeman. “It’s getting late and I’ll get in trouble if I’m not home soon.”

“It’s okay. I’ll tell them you got lost at the park or something. They’ll listen to me.”

I hesitated but having someone else to play with sounded really nice.

He walked up to me and put his hand around my shoulders. We walked back to the swings and I sat down. The seat was still warm from being on it only a minute ago.

The man got behind me, grabbed the chains, and started to push me. I couldn’t help but smile. Then, his hands moved to my shoulders. He pushed me again and I went higher. I started to giggle as I enjoyed the feeling of flight in my belly.

With each push, his hands crept lower and lower on my back. I didn’t notice it at first but I did realize it when his hands were almost on my butt. He was super cute so it didn’t bother me. I was having fun and now I had an excuse to be late for dinner.

Can’t wait for Part 2 of my public sex blog on Friday? Check out my audio blog version with more dirty details that I can’t put in here. If you’d like to read more naughty action, go check out my First Time Lesbian Experience blog.

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