Public Sex Fantasy – Movie Theater Fun Part 1 – STE – A – 0007 – 06-20-23


A few weeks ago I went to go see a movie with my friend Jake. It was one he suggested, a scary movie that had just come out a couple days prior. I really like scary movies, but I was actually more excited to get to spend some time with Jake. He’s really tall and good-looking, with well-defined muscles and a really captivating smile. We’ve never fooled around but wow, I would do it in a heartbeat if he ever asked. And honestly?


This movie seemed like the perfect opportunity to push some boundaries with him, even if it was just a little bit.


At a little before 7:30 PM I showed up at the movie theater. We were meeting each other there, so I had made sure to get extra dolled up for him as a surprise for when he arrived. I had to be irresistible, of course. I was wearing a short light blue dress with spaghetti straps that hugged all my curves perfectly and a cropped pullover jacket since it was a little cooler that day. Inside the theater was nice and comfortable temperature-wise, and that’s where I decided to wait for Jake.


I watched people walking around me, buying snacks and drinks at the concession stand and showing off their freshly purchased tickets to the usher at the end of a very long line. There was just one person handling tickets at that time, even though it was pretty packed at the theater. The poor girl seemed like she was stressed. I didn’t have too long to worry about her workload though before I heard Jake’s voice behind me.


“Wow,” he said, coming up behind me and putting a playful arm around my shoulder. “You look great.”


I smiled up at him, knowing full well what intention I had for wearing something so short. He wouldn’t know what hit him.


“Thanks. You look pretty good yourself,” I teased, patting him on the chest before leading the way to buy the tickets. We’d already made the agreement that I would buy the tickets and he would buy the more expensive snacks. I was totally fine with it, especially since this little movie excursion was his idea, anyways. So we bought our tickets and picked out a huge bucket of buttery popcorn and a couple of boxes of random candies that were on display in the snack case, as well as two large drinks. I got a Coca-Cola Slurpee, my fave!


We stood in line and chatted for a few minutes as we waited for our turn to present our tickets, then we headed to the designated showing room to pick our seats. I already had a plan in mind, if you remember, so naturally I led Jake all the way to the back of the theater at the tip-top and sat down in one of the seats that I felt was just out of the way enough. I mean, people would be able to just turn around and look up here and see us, even in the spot I picked out, but that was okay. It just meant we’d have to be sneaky about it. The idea of being caught was kind of exciting, to be totally honest. I didn’t know if Jake would feel the same, though, or if he’d even go for it at all.


I had to bring my A-game with me.


Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading part 1 of my blog where I seduce and take control of my friend in a public setting. It’s gonna get real hot and steamy, so make sure to stay tuned for part 2 coming out in a few days! If you want to hear even more sexy details and the super hot climax you to the story you can purchase my audio!


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