Public Sex Fantasy – Movie Theater Fun Part 2 – STE – A – 0007 – 06-20-23


Hey babes! Thanks for coming to part 2 of my blog where I seduce my friend in a movie theater! If you need a refresher check out part 1 here! Let’s get back to it, shall we?


“Why do you want to sit all the way up here?” Jake asked, sitting beside me anyways. He’d resigned himself to sitting where I wanted, even if these weren’t great seats for viewing the screen. At least I hadn’t picked the very front row, where we’d have had to crane our necks to see anything. People wouldn’t have really noticed us much down there either, I think, since most people don’t pay attention to anything but the movie unless their attention is drawn elsewhere.


Once again, if we were sneaky, we could get away with fooling around anywhere.


“I like it back here. Fewer people sit in the back, so that means fewer disruptions from others.” Which, in my defense, was a fair point, and Jake seemed to agree. He just shrugged and sat back in his seat, popping a piece of buttery goodness into his mouth. I reached over to swipe a piece for myself. The bucket was positioned in his lap, which made me want to tease him a little, but I held back for the time being.


After getting through all the quieter previews and ads the lights finally dimmed and the volume increased as an upcoming movie preview started. I was trying my best to be patient, but all I could think about was how badly I wanted Jake. My thoughts were entirely on him and getting to his cock. I’d caught a glimpse of it once, a while back, when a bunch of us had gone on vacation. He’d been walking around in shorts and I could totally see his huge bulge beneath the fabric. Something must have gotten him a little worked up back then to have that semi-erection, and it had been on my mind for weeks. That was why we were in this situation now.


I ate some more popcorn while I waited for the right opportunity to present itself. The previews kept rolling, and Jake was pretty into one or two of them. They weren’t interesting enough to get my mind out of the gutter, though. I decided to test the waters, moving my leg to press my thigh against his. An innocent enough gesture, but it got his attention for a moment. He smiled at me, assuming it was an accident, but I didn’t move my leg away. I took off my jacket and put it in the empty seat beside me, then moved my hair back from my shoulders. Jake was sitting up a little higher than me, so when I leaned across his lap to get more popcorn I know he could see down the front of my dress.


His body was tense at my touch, and by the way he sucked in a breath, I knew he was looking at what I was intentionally showing off. I innocently put the popcorn in my mouth and continued to pretend to pay attention to the previews.


I decided to keep up my seductive attack so he wouldn’t have time to recover.


This time, I put my hand right on his thigh. He gave me a confused look, and I could feel he was tense at my touch again. Jake had always been a little shy about this kind of thing. That’s probably what turned me on so much about him. I wanted to see him come out of his shell, but more specifically I wanted to pull him out of it. I wanted so badly to get him throbbing hard and begging for release. Seeing him lose his mind because of me would be incredible. And even more than that, feeling that cock pulsating in my hand, or even better, in my mouth… I was getting ahead of myself. I needed to stay focused and work him up to it first.


“There’s another reason I wanted to sit back here, by the way,” I told him, running my hand up his thigh and closer to his crotch. Jake was sitting back against his seat very hard like he was trying to keep it together even though a hot girl with hardly anything on had her hand inches away from his dick. I giggled to myself and continued. “Can you guess why?”


“I don’t know,” he said quickly.


He was nervous, how cute. It made me want to dominate him even more.


I leaned over so I could undo his pants. He didn’t stop me. His eyes widened as he watched me unzip his pants and slip my hand underneath his boxers. His dick was already reacting to the teasing a little. As soon as my fingers touched his bare skin I felt him twitch. It made me giggle again. He was all mine already. Perfect.


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