Public Masturbation – Playing With Myself In Class Part 2

Public masturbation in class is so much fun, especially when I suspect my teacher knows.

He gives me a quizzical look trying to read me. It’s doubtful he knows, however, I wasn’t entirely convinced of that With my hand now under my panties, my body sighs. It’s not an audible sigh, a physical sigh like my body is now at ease that something is between my legs. I feel around my clit, not wanting to go too fast and make myself jump. Even outside my panties, I feel wet and my finger slips. I quickly close my legs around my hand, grit my teeth, and remain quiet.

My clit is extra sensitive. My hot teacher in front of me, classmates all around me. Classmates that have no idea what I’m doing. These thoughts make me wetter so that my thighs are coated in my sweet juices.

Mr. Haden continues lecturing, but he seems distracted now. His eyes keep casually falling onto mine while I slowly flick my clit. He can’t see exactly what I’m doing, but he knows.

Trying not to squirm too much in my seat, I bite my lip harder, moving my finger faster over my clit. My senses are heightened. It’s like I’m high. I tap my eraser faster against my book while I continue my self-gratification. Deciding I might make too much of a scene I slide my fingers inside myself easily because my hand is already slick with a white-hot desire.

Moving my fingers slowly in and out I can hear my wetness. The girl next to me looks over at me questioningly.

Smiling, I say, “What’s up?”

“Do you hear something?” The girl asks, totally unaware of what I’m doing just under the desk.

I pause my movement. “I don’t hear anything.”

Considering the heat of the moment, I keep my voice surprisingly calm. The girl looks away, focused once again on their teacher, completely oblivious.

Changing tactic, I keep my fingers inside my pussy. With some searching, I find my G spot and press lightly on it. I gasp. Loudly. My classmates all look at me in wonder and bewilderment.

Thinking fast, I say, “Sorry, I thought I saw a spider.”

They all laugh at me but at least I hadn’t exposed myself so close to climax. My cheeks burn partially from embarrassment, partly from pure exhilaration. While I have a reason for my cheeks to be red I seize the opportunity and press harder on my G spot. All my blood goes to my pussy. I relieve the pressure and press it again. Again. Again. Faster. Harder.

The release is explosive. My entire body shudders with pleasure. My knees quiver even though I haven’t stood up yet. All my cum spills out of my panties. It falls in a large puddle onto the inside of my plaid skirt. I dig the tip of my pencil into the textbook so hard it rips through several pages.

It surprises me how completely and utterly oblivious my classmates are.

Then the bell rings dismissing the class.

Everyone gets up excitedly, ready for the weekend and very little homework. I stay in my seat until the class has left. Gathering up my things, I prepare to leave. Before I can stand, Mr. Haden, closes the door.

“London,” he says eyes alight, “I needed to see you after class.”


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