Public Masturbation – Playing With Myself In Class Part 1

A little public masturbation goes a long way. I love to watch my teacher; join me as I masturbate during class!

It’s a big private Catholic school. Strict. I sit at my desk watching my teacher. He tends to talk with his hands. He’s so so? So handsome and irresistible. He’s half Irish, half Italian, and six-foot-two. He has muscle, lean muscle, and arms I would love to feel wrapped around me. Arms that would hold me tightly as I sat atop his desk and we had rough tantalizing sex. Oh, I want him. There’s no doubt about that. I want to run my fingers through his thick black hair as well as a few other things.

I’m very inexperienced in the ways of pleasure-seeking.

I want to experience it for the first time not with some random Joe Blow Down The Street but with someone who will know what to do. Someone who would know how to satisfy me.

As I think about him, I can feel between my legs it’s getting very warm, hot in fact. I squeeze my legs together, but I can still feel the wetness seep into my white cotton panties.

The class has only been going on for about ten or fifteen minutes, but my body aches with desire and the need for self-gratification. He is married, I know, but I don’t care. I could serve him far better than his wife ever could. My long hair is thick and dark. It’s in two braided pigtails very near my ears. Even with the small reading glasses that adorn my face, I believe myself to be far cuter than his wife. After all, I’m curvy, athletic, and my breasts are perky. My sacred space has been untainted by a man which makes me more desirable.

His voice is so enticing.

His hands look warm and the thought of them being all over me, roaming freely over every inch of my body almost makes me groan out loud. Under my bra, I can feel my nipples getting hard. Again I squeeze my knees together, biting my lip so that I could stop the groan deep in my throat.

Maybe being exposed would be fun I think as my wet panties start to overflow. I inhale sharply, but no one appears to be staring at me. They’re all focused on either Mr. Haden or trying to pass notes to one another. I’m in the mood to do something adventurous, albeit a little reckless.

A mischievous smile crosses my lips as the plan forms in my head.

Slowly, carefully, I slide my right hand under the desk and place it on my knee. I look up at Mr. Haden and see a curious look in his eye. A kind of boyish curiosity. And that curiosity is pointing directly at me.

Nervously I tap my pencil eraser against my textbook. Will he catch me giving myself pleasure? He obviously knows I’m up to something.

He stops pacing and drops his hands ever so slightly as he looks at me.

Does he know? There’s no way he could because I’m not even doing anything yet. Maybe he thinks I’m trying to hide something. Deciding to take the chance anyway I slowly creep my hand closer to my inner thigh. Maybe my look is betraying me, but that seems to be half the fun. Maybe I want to get caught.

I can’t hide the excitement in my face. Now I want to be exposed. Edging my hand between my legs I fumble slightly. Stupid, clumsy bitch. I think to myself. I scan the room quickly to make sure no one noticed. No one has. Except for Mr. Haden.

To Be Continued…


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