Prostate Milking: Anal exploration was not in my plans

I came into Prostate Milking when I was a bit younger. It all started by the men next door. He was a friend of the family and he would be around all the time. He would always look at me and tell me how pretty I was and next thing you know I am on my back showing him my sweet young teen holes. The first time I ever had done anything like that. He showed me all sorts of things.

He was much older than I was but he knew exactly what to do to me. His touch and his tongue was just so wonderful. My panties would get so wet every time I just heard his name. No one ever knew that when he would come over I would not wear any panties because he wanted to have access to my sweet teen pussy. I felt so naughty. He showed me how to touch a man and make him feel good.

He was a dirty old pervert

And I loved it. He showed me that a true cocksucker never used her hands. Learning to deep throat was his mission. It took me a bit but eventually I was able to take his entire 8 inch cock down my throat. ”A man’s balls are sensitive and you need to be gentle with them” he would tell me. The fuller they are the better it is when they get their ass rammed with fingers or with a big cock (my favorite).

He instructed me how to lick and service his ass every time we had a chance to be alone. My first strap on was a purple one he bought me one Christmas. I had so much fun watching him suck my strap on while I stood over him and guided his head up and down on my dick. He was a wonderful cock sucker. Thanks to him I love to toss a man salad.

If you have never had a prostate massage before you are missing out.

I just love to give men a wet prostate massage with my tongue. I just love the part where I have him about to blow. Right when I have my slippery wet tongue rimming his sweet virgin hole. Just imagine how good it feels to have a woman or a man (if that is your thing) sucking your cock. Well it will blow your mind away when you get to experience a good milking orgasm. I am the queen to pegging and prostate milking. Whether it is in person or on the phone my imagination and experience will have you coming back for more of all my filth. I always aim to please.

I hope you have enjoyed my prostate milking blog so far.

Check back on Sunday for part 2. If you can’t wait to hear the conclusion you can purchase my audio blog and hear all the explicit details.

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