Confused I looked at Tim as he pointed to the floor.

He was serious, he wanted me on the floor for a workout but I wanted sex!  There was no question in my mind he was ready for me to work, naked or not.  I shrugged my shoulders and got down on my hands and knees waiting for my  instructions and as Tim disappeared from my line of vision as I waited and waited.

It was at that moment that I felt his tongue on my pussy!

Yes, he was behind me licking and sucking on my cunt.  Oh, Yes, this was great. I could get into this private training!  Then I felt it I was not sure what it was but he was inserting something into my pussy!  “What, what are you doing?”

“Just stay there and enjoy the sensation.”  It was then that I felt it.  Slowly at first and then building and building!  Not sure what it was I did as I was told and just enjoyed the sensation, God it was so great!  I felt the familiar sensation starting to build in the pit of my stomach and it was at that moment that the object was withdrawn.

“Why, what happened?”

“I am not ready for you to cum yet! We still have lots of things to do.  Now I need you to stand up and get ready to do some squats.”

Now I understand, he is mixing my workout with sex!

Standing up I spread my legs slightly and put my hands on my hips. Tim stands behind me and putting his hands on my shoulders he says,”Okay now go down slowly and then up again.”  Doing what he says I continue to do squats.

“Now we are going to try something new.  You will be doing squats over me and onto my cock.”

That sounded awesome! I could get used to this private training!  Lying down on the floor he calls me over to straddle him and start my squats.  He grabs a hold of his cock and lines it right up with my pussy.  What a way to work out!  I could get used to this because as I  continuing to do squats my tempo starts to increase.

Tim was starting to moan as I bounced on his cock faster and faster.

Before I new what was happening I was on my back.  Tim was  kneeling between my legs with my legs over his shoulders.  He was slamming his cock into my pussy at a very fevered pitch!  We both reached our climax at the same time!  This was the first time that I exploded with such force!  “Thank you so very much, I cannot remember the last time I came with such force!”

“From now on get used to it because by combining your workout with sex you will be getting the benefits of both!  I want you here three times a week for your private training and I will get you in shape in no time at all.”

“With workouts like this you can expect me here five times a week!”  Grabbing my clothes I head for the door. turning and winking,”I will see you tomorrow for another private training!.”

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