I try to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week to stay in shape. Having private training would have been nice because there have been times when I just have not been able to find the time, but that has all changed!

I walked into the gym to start my work out and I noticed there was a new personal trainer.  Tall, broad shoulders, nice 6 pack and a nice package!  He also had very muscular legs.  I could get used to seeing him every day!

Slowly I walked over to the first machine in my work out routine.   As I was setting the weights I heard a male voice behind me.  “Hi, I’m Tim and I just started here and I wanted to come over and introduce myself and let you know that if you need anything you can just let me know.”

“Thanks, my name is Lisa, and you are really great looking.  I  wonder, can you help me get a better looking body?”

I trailed my finger nail down his chest to the waist band of his shorts.

“Are you looking for some private training lessons?”

“Do you think I would benefit from that?”

“Well that all depends on what you are looking to accomplish and how quickly.”  As I looked down at the bulge in his pants this caused me to get a big smile on my face.

“There are several things that I would love to accomplish.  Some of which could be accomplished in the gym with private training or else where.”

Taking a step toward Tim I ran my hand down my body.  I ran it over my stomach and then around to my ass.  “You see I would like to firm up all parts of my body and then I also would like to get some pent up aggravations taken care of.”  My hand slipped over to his crotch and I gave him a slight squeeze.

“I think I might be able to help you out because I have just the equipment that you need.”

Smiling he said,”Follow me, I have just the program for you to follow.”  I followed Tim toward the back of the gym.  He opened a door that I never noticed before and stepped aside allowing me to enter first.  It was a bedroom.  Well let me rephrase that it was a room with a bed in it and then there was a bathroom off to the side.

“Is this your fun room or private training room?”  Smiling I turned to face him.

“Consider it both.” Was his response as he stepped into the room and closed and locked the door.  “Now let’s work on some of those pent up aggravations you were talking about.  He walked over to me and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back at a sharp angle.  His mouth descended onto my neck biting lightly and then a small moan escaped my lips.

His head descended onto my tits.

Stopping, he looked up and said, “You have way to much clothes on and they are just in the way.”  Quickly I stripped out of my clothes while Tim ripped his clothes off also.

“You have a great body, I do see some areas that private training can work on.  Like maybe right here, and over here and the most important area is right here.”  He grabbed my crotch as he said that.  Jumping, I almost fell as he grabbed my crotch, but then relaxed as he slowly inserted his finger into my pussy!  “I need you down on all fours right here on the floor, I am going to start your workout immediately.  From now on when you come into the gym  I need you to come back here for your private workout.”

Make sure to check back on Sunday to find out more about PRIVATE TRAINING AT THE GYM WITH FRINGE BENEFITS.

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