Princess Leia: Slutty Princess of the Resistance – Part 2

Boba Fett slapped Princess Leia and told her to get on her hands and knees. She followed orders, scared of what would happen if she didn’t. Once she was on the ground, several men, they must’ve been more bounty hunters, came forward. “Friends of yours?” She asked sarcastically. Maybe she was getting too comfortable with the situation she had found herself in. She regretted her cockiness the moment they started to strip.

One of Fett’s friends grabbed her by the chin, spitting into her mouth. He then forced his cock into her warm mouth. He groaned the second his head touched her tongue. She smiled, pleased with the reaction to her he was having. The smile quickly left her face as she felt something press against her asshole. She tried to pull away, but was only pulled back onto this stranger’s cock.

Leia cried out around the cock in her mouth as her ass was stretched with more cock. She looked up through the tears that were welling in her eyes.

Her gaze met Fett’s, and his evil smile made her pussy twitch.

Him and his last friend began jerking off on her face. If she thought she was getting used before, now she really was.

The bounty hunter that was fucking her face must have been very sensitive. As she moaned around his cock, he began to shoot cum down her throat. She gagged, cum dripping out of her mouth and down her chin. He pulled out and went to rest, leaving her to be used by the other three men.

Eventually, she felt the man fucking her ass become more and more frenzied. She looked up at Fett and the other man who were jerking off on her face. They were in pure ecstasy. She held eye contact with Fett as she felt sperm start to shoot into her tight ass.

Two men down, two to go. Leia wanted to get this over with. She leaned forward and took the balls of the unknown man jerking off above her into her mouth. The princess began sucking and licking his balls, which made him groan and start shooting cum. She popped his ball out of her mouth and leaned back, catching his cum like snowflakes.

Finally, it was Fett’s turn to cum.

He moaned and came all over her face. Once he had gathered himself, he slapped her face and smiled down at her. “Thanks for being our bitch for the night.” The crowd applauded, finalizing her torment.

Princess Leia sat there, cum oozing out of her mouth and ass and cum covering her face. She didn’t know what to do with herself after such an experience. After much pondering, she decided she’d never utter a word of this to anyone. It was her little secret that she would revisit on nights alone in bed once she was rescued.

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