Princess Leia: Slutty Princess of the Resistance – Part 1

After Princess Leia was captured by Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, and before Luke came to rescue her, there’s an untold story. We all know about the sexy metal bikini she was put in. There was a reason Jabba the Hutt wanted to expose her sexy body like that.

Jabba the Hutt, who was a gangster and crime lord, was also a hedonist. He loved to take pleasure in the finer things. Alcohol, food, and of course, women. At times, his bounty hunters would be rewarded in his captured slaves as payment. This would happen under one condition, Jabba would get to watch them with these women. 

Princess Leia was no exception. Which bounty hunter would be allowed to use Leia Organa?

None other than Boba Fett himself was given the beautiful princess for a night.

As the two suns set on Tatooine, Fett came to collect his prize. Leia was chained at Jabba’s side. Fett began to strip, leaving his helmet for last. As he removed his helmet, his stern eyes made Leia shiver. One of Jabba’s servants pulled Leia to her feet and pushed her into the middle of the room. This would be her stage for the night.

Fett grabbed Leia by the arm and pulled her in for a deep kiss. His tongue forced itself into her mouth, exploring her. Leia glanced to the side, realizing that this was all being done in front of Han Solo, who stood there frozen in carbonite. Before she could become too emotional about this, she was suddenly spun around and bent over a table. 

Fett moved the skimpy piece of fabric that barely covered her ass. Leia gasped as he spit on her asshole, allowing it to drip down to her pussy lips, where he rubbed it in. He grabbed her wrists and held them behind her back. Using them, he began to push into her tight cunt. Leia moaned as his huge cock stretched her out. Without much warning, he thrusted all the way into her pussy.

He began to fuck her hard and fast. Grunts escaped him and moans escaped her.

Leia looked around the room, and realized all eyes were on her.

All different types of creatures were watching her get used, and they were enjoying themselves. This scared Leia, but what scared her even more was how aroused she was.

She was incredibly turned on by how he was fucking her. Hard, with no care about her own pleasure. He was truly using her. How could a revolutionary such as herself be so aroused by the enemy using her tiny body?

She didn’t know the answer, all she knew was she was about to cum. She moaned and cried out, squirting all over his cock. He laughed and spun her around, grabbing her by the throat. “I didn’t expect you to like it so much,” he growled. “Who knew the princess of the resistance would be such a slut?”

I hope you like the first part of my Princess Leia fanfiction. Part 2 comes out on Friday! If you can’t wait for that, purchase my raunchy audio blog here! I tell it with so many more details. If you want to read something similar, read my unrequited crush blog here!

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