Pretty feet, feast your eyes and mouth on Aria’s feet part two

My smile is all the permission you need to grab ahold of one of my pretty feet. So you hold me gently by the ankle, and lift my foot until the tip of my big toe grazes your lips. You let out a small shudder of pleasure, and the dam breaks. You wrap your lips around my big toe and close your eyes, moaning around my toe as if it was a delicacy.

But they are a delicacy to you. So you caress my ankle and stroke the tops of my feet with great care. I just lean back and watch you work, enjoying the sensation of my feet being worshiped. You tug gently on one of the strings that tie the heel onto my foot, and it slips away, unwrapping me like a present on Christmas morning.

Immediately you pull my foot up and slide the flat of your tongue along my tender pink sole. I let out a gasp and oddly feel aroused from the sensation. You take my moan as encouragement, and shift around until you have my ankles on your shoulders and you’re on top of me.

By the time I open my eyes, your cock is out and you’re stroking yourself.

The tip of your nose is grazing the gentle arch of my foot. I’m so distracted watching you, that I’m completely surprised when you thrust inside of me. You pull my feet up and press them side by side as you plunge into me. Licking and sucking on my toes as you find a steady rhythm.

My body alights in pleasure as I try to pair the feeling of getting fucked, with the feeling of your mouth on my feet. The almost ticklish sensation somehow sending signals directly to my groin. You look down at me, my left big toe firmly surrounded by your lips. You look down at me, knowing exactly what you’re doing to me.

You’re introducing me into your world. Making sure that I’ll never have sex as good as this, so that you can have my feet again and again. So you lean forward, bringing my legs with you, essentially bending me in half. You dig deep, grinding your cock against my weak spot. At the same time, you tease the arch of my instep with just the tip of your tongue.

I can’t take it anymore.

The sensations pulling me apart in separate places rip me up and I come undone around your cock. I cum so hard, my toes curl tightly into the fleshy pads. But you are right there, licking my pads and forcing my toes to uncurl. You suck on each and every toe, one at a time. Your hips drilling into me fast and hard.

Without speaking a word, you pull out in a flash and I bring my legs down so I can cradle your shaft between my feet. I move frantically, jerking you off between my toes. It isn’t long, before you explode. Your cum cascading down onto my feet. The creamy white mixing with the stark red of my toes.

So I look up at you and give you a shy smile. This is the start of a beautiful thing.

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