Being pregnant could be such a bitch. I left the doctors office waddling feeling like I would explode at anytime. At this point I just wanted to do something that didn’t make me feel like a walrus. I was 8 months pregnant and felt pitiful.

As I left the office and got to my car I noticed the windows in the other car fogged up a little and couldn’t help but to look in them a little better to see a woman with her hand down the guys pants as they kissed. The most surprising part was she was huge like me. Just watching I felt my pussy get wet for the first time in what felt like forever.

What a beautiful hot sight. I hadn’t been with anyone since the father left at the thought of being stuck with a pregnant walrus. Those were the words he used to describe what would happen to me. Looking at these two though seeing her stroking him and his hand snaked up her skirt I bit my lip.

Maybe he was wrong. She looked hot; they both did even with her stomach so far out.

Turning quickly and getting into my car I head home trying to think if I needed new batteries or not. I needed to orgasm it had been so long and I had felt so frumpy I hadn’t even pulled it out in over a month. 

Pulling into my driveway I see my neighbor outside mowing his lawn. He was hot and hit on me but I’d seen him bringing home a new girl every week. He wasn’t the kind of guy you keep around. Yet, maybe he could help me with my little situation. 

Getting out of my car I called over to him waving. As he turned off the mower I took in his form. While he was no Casanova I knew he had what it took to please a woman. I’d heard it enough from next door that was. I just always shook my head at their foolery to let him use them.

Possibly, it was his time to be used for once. By a pregnant woman at that.

Walking over to me I met him at the hedge between our properties. 

“You looked like you could use a break over there. Want to come in for some lemonade possibly and take a break? I have a proposition I’d like to discuss with you.” 

At this he looked me up and down pregnant belly and all yes for sure he was sleazy but for once my mind and body were in the same exact place as his. 

Looking down and taking in the bulge in his pants and then back up at him I walked inside not saying another thing. I heard him follow me in and walked straight to the kitchen. Pouring the lemonade and placing it on the table I poured myself one and took a huge gulp and closed my eyes picturing that couple back in the parking lot and the excitement I had felt.

“So what can I do for you?”

“Well you see I think my batteries are out and I need something hard in me in the next couple minutes or else I feel like I’m just going to explode. You’ve offered before and I was hoping you might be interested in some no strings attached fun. I don’t want you right now I just want your hard cock fucking me.”

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