Pregnancy Fetish – Sophie Gets A Big Belly Part Two

It seemed as though my bed mate also had a pregnancy fetish. Or, at the very least, had a fetish for the risk of getting a girl pregnant. It’s a thrill that’s difficult to explain, really.

We were laying in my bed with the blankets torn off and tossed on the floor. Neither of us had undressed yet because we were still in the makeout stage with roaming hands. Speaking of which, one of his hands was cupping a tit and squeezing it. My nipples were so hard and my pussy ached to be touched.

He pushed his hard cock against me still clothed. His hips started moving as he dry-humped me. I wrapped a leg around him pulling him closer while pushing my hips forward to meet his. Oh, I wanted him so bad!

Reaching down, I peeled off his pants and undies. My hand stroked him while he wiggled his fingers into my shorts and panties. I could feel my pussy start dripping and soon my juices covered his fingers and hand all the way to his wrist. He wasn’t fisting me or anything, but I was just that turned on.

Feeling my patience fading, I tore off all of my clothes.

I was almost frantic about it, wanting to feel his cock pumping me so hard. He had the same idea I did. His clothes piled on top of mine on the floor and he pushed me roughly but playfully onto my back. My knees pulled up just a little bit and my legs wrapped around his hips. He wiggled a little until the tip of his cock was pressed against the opening of my pussy.

Easily, he pushed himself inside of me. Then, he stopped letting my pussy pulse around him. “Are you on the pill, at least?” He asked as he looked into my eyes.

I shook my head. “No.”

He sighed and lowered his head. “I should get a condom,” he groaned. “It’s very nice but risque.”

My feet and thighs tightened around him as I pulled him closer into me. “But, you feel so good. A condom would ruin it.” My voice was almost pleading but it had a little groan to it. “Please, don’t pull out.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

I nodded and started moving my hips up and down, enticing him with my tight wet pussy. He reflexively started pumping. It didn’t take me long to cover his cock with my juices and cum. I panted and moaned loudly while he fucked me. He could easily get me pregnant and I found myself wondering when my last period was. Was I ovulating or not? But, his bare cock inside of me felt too good to resist.

He groaned while he said, “I’m gonna cum.”

Then, he tried to pull out of me so he could cum on my sheets. But I wasn’t having any of that. I gripped him tighter with my pussy and my legs.

“I want to feel it,” I begged. “Give it to me. Cum inside my pussy. I want, I need, every drop of it. Please!” I almost screamed the last word as I came yet again on his thick cock.

That was all it took for him to shoot a hot, thick, sticky load of cum into my pussy. It felt even better than I’d remembered. I had no regrets because it felt amazing. Did I get pregnant after that? You tell me.

Did you miss the steamy set up in Part 1 of my pregnancy fetish blog? To hear me tell this story with lots of extra juicy tidbits purchase the audio here. Check back in a couple of weeks to hear about my next encounter. You won’t believe what I do next!

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