Pornography and my sensory exploration solo play part two 

Where was I? Oh yeah, I am changing what I am watching to some yummy solo jerking-off and cum compilation clips. I love hearing the moans, having my eyes staring at those thick cocks. Thus, it makes me think of you so much when I watch this. At this moment, my pussy is dripping craving you and taking in all the stimuli in my ears and my eyes. So that is not surprising how easy it is to make me cum right now. Because of this, I do not even need my toy.

Using my finger to fuck my tight little hole is all I need to make me cum right now.

Because it is so easy, I have my right index finger twirling and wiggling my little swollen clit. At this moment, while I watch this porn, my left index finger and middle finger are deep inside my twat, me thinking of your cock in there. But, we both know your cock is WAY bigger than my two little fingers. I let out a little moan, knowing that I need to edge to make this next orgasm a big one.  Plunging my fingers in my pussy while watching this fat cock get jerked in front of me. My eyes are full of cock in the porn clip and my mouth just drooling at the idea of getting to have it.

At this moment, my juices are dripping down my hand watching cum compilations.

Because of this clip, I see a man cumming ropes and ropes and ropes of hot sticky cum. This cumslut could only make herself gush and squirt everywhere. Oh my, maybe it is time to find a new video to watch. Usually, I would have watched some lesbian porn already, but I am thinking I need to see some Threesome porn. I want us to have more threesomes baby!!! I found an amazing porn clip, two ladies and a well-endowed guy, just like you! Mmmm, these ladies are sharing his cock, and my mouth is drooling as bad as my pussy is.

Because I am so wet I am going to slip in another finger, and start to grind against myself.

Watching one of those girls sit on his face, while the other rides his cock. All in all, knowing I want this to happen too I cannot help but work myself up to another orgasm. My right finger just working my little love button and my other hand’s fingers deep inside me. Quivering around them, pouring my juices down them.

I need to catch my breath.

Can we film ourselves, baby?? Can we make a little pornography?

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Are you are dying to hear how this sounds? Buy the audio and enjoy me telling you in your ear. 

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