Pornography and my sensory exploration solo play part one

Pornography and I are on a first-name basis. I know the good sites, free sites I should clarify. Therefore, to think I know it all would be a smart assumption. Thus, I am in shock to learn I am far off base. *giggle* 

So many categories, so many other stars, and even more free content than I know of. Due to having this knowledge and all you amazing callers– well I am always watching porn and playing with myself. Yes, yes you are partly the problem *giggle* But, we are okay with this. Well, I know I am. Are you okay with that? I sure hope so, because you are going to hear me (if you purchase the audio) watch a clip or two of pornography while I touch myself. 

What should I watch? Hmmm, solo jerking, maybe amateur couples, or lesbian porn? At this moment, I am feeling my want to see creampie compilations. Oh yes, I love hearing that in my ears. Listen to her orgasm!

Goodness, that is hot!

My hand wanders down, to find my clit nice and swollen from all the visual and audio stimuli. At this moment, I know adding my hand to the mix is going to cause some intense orgasms. Do you want me to cum? Do you want to hear them? I hope you do because there is no stopping it once I start. My index finger, on my left hand, starts to twirl and manipulate my clit. Thus causing a huge surge of electric spikes down my spine. Coupled with my right hand and start to twist my nipple, mmm the combination is causing me to arch my back. I hear a couple going hard at it, she is getting pounded and I wish it was me.

Wish it was your cock deep in me, stretching me out and going ground and pound on me.

Watching her on her back, legs upon him, his cock buried in her balls dee– it is such an eye full. Hearing her moan with pleasure, hearing him grunt with each thrust, telling her what a good girl she is. My pussy is dripping now listening and watching all of this unfold in front of me. Not to mention how badly I am craving you right now, I want you, I need you.  But, I think now I want to change the content, time for something a bit different. While I enjoy this, I want to see some thick yummy cock, watch the warm ropes of cum explode out.

To be continued ……

But if you are dying to hear how this ends then buy the audio and enjoy me telling you in your ear. 

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Cum play with Kenzie!!

You know you want to. 

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