Feeling the popsicle leave a cold wet line down my navel I sighed in relief. Spreading my thighs apart I felt the heat  of the sun on my most sensitive areas. Thinking of your tongue buried in it last night I and the warm heat I knew what I wanted to do next. Maybe my tender clit needed to be cooled down.

Holding the popsicle over my pussy I watched it drip down. The cold feeling was amazing against my heated clit and pussy. What a fun way to spend a day alone. Not able to hold back any longer I slid it down over me. I almost jumped when the icy cold slid over my clit.

 I loved it though. A moan slid out as I grabbed my breast with one hand and slid it over me. It was rapidly melting in contact with my skin and I could feel it sliding down to pool under my ass. 

Taking my hand from my breast I spread my nether lips with it and aligned it with my pussy. Sliding it into me I cried out softly at the cold. The sensation of being filled a happy contradiction to the almost painful cold. Sliding my fingers over my clit I slowly slid them back and forth over it. My other hand was getting covered with the popsicle melting mixed with my wetness as I was getting close. 

I couldn’t believe I was in my back yard naked masturbating with a popsicle. I loved how freeing it was. Going faster Knowing soon enough it would be nothing but a stick in my hand I got myself right to the brink. Pulling the popsicle out of me in frustration at not being able to tip over that edge I go for a new one. 

I shove the 3/4ths melted one into my mouth tasting my pussy along with it’s flavoring and moaning. Taking the fresh one I shoved it in me and arched my back in a near painful ecstasy. Whimpering as I sucked on the one in my mouth I pinched my now sticky nipples with my free hand before burying it between my legs again also. Rocking my hips now right on that edge of orgasm I slid it out of me and rubbed it over my clit getting it all wet and cold before I buried it back in me. 

Sliding my fingers back over my clit just the heat of my fingers spilled me over. Biting down on the popsicle stick I came whimpering burying the other in me one last time. Before I slid it half melted from my pussy.

My fingers continued to slide over my clit making me shake in pleasure. Finally taking the popsicle out of my mouth I laid there remembering how to breathe. That’s when I heard a car pull into the driveway and my friends voices walking up to my front door. The time had flown by and I quickly put my bikini back on right as they were coming out. 

“Hey it’s hot out here. You don’t happen to have anymore popsicles left do you?”

I really hope you enjoyed part 2. I hope you  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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