Popsicles sounded delicious. It was steaming hot outside in my backyard. I’d been tanning laying on the lounge chair and loved the feel of the sun beating down. Starting to feel sleepy I reached into the cooler and felt around until I found one buried in the ice. Ripping open the package with my teeth I enjoyed the music playing on my phone. 

Sliding it between my lips I didn’t know which was better. The cold giving me the smallest relief on this blazing day. Or the flavor that exploded on my tongue. Hearing a song come on that was slow and sensual I flashed back to having you over last night and the ways you used my body. Thinking back to it actually I felt my clit still a little tender from last night come to life.

Pressing my thighs together enjoying the sensation I pulled the popsicle out of my mouth. Grabbing my phone and flipping to pictures of the hard cock that was in me last night I giggled. Distracted in memories I startled when I felt the popsicle drip on my breast. Looking down I saw the red river starting to build sliding between my breasts. Smiling I enjoyed the sensation of cold and reached behind my neck undoing my bikini top. Sitting up I let it fall down and put the popsicle in my mouth to get one last taste. 

Feeling the cold sliding down my throat my nipples hardened in anticipation. Another giggle of excitement at being naughty outside escaped. Laying back down I lowered the popsicle onto my breast. Slowly I slid it closer to my nipple and my breath hitched when I let it brush up against it.   

 Watching my nipples contract further at the cold a sigh of relief escaped. I swear steam should have been coming off of me. 

Speaking of steam I moved my half melted popsicle to my other breast. Slowly sliding it over my heated skin a smile formed as I slid my hand into my bikini bottoms, feeling the moisture that had started to build there too. Hearing motion over the fence in the next yard I startle up quickly covering my breasts. Hearing them call their dog inside I laugh and lay back down completely removing my bikini top this time. 

That’s when I realized I’d dropped the popsicle when I had covered myself. Looking down I saw it in a melted mess in the grass. Sighing at the waste I reached back into my cooler. I had just restocked it so I had popsicles to spare. I had also just started to have some fun cooling down. Listening close I heard no one out and undid my bottoms.
Pulling the skimpy piece of cloth off, I enjoyed the thrill. Feeling naughty knowing I was nude under the heat of the sun. The heat was now working in my favor as this popsicle started to drip. Holding it over me I felt the cold drops on my breast. Pressing it between my breasts I slowly ran it over my stomach and lower.

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