Popsicle masturbation, sticky fun with Aria part two

The moment I have been waiting for finally happens. He plunges his cock inside of the girl that looks so much like me and I follow suit with the popsicle. The icy cold penetrating me makes me cry out in both pleasure and shock. I didn’t ease in, making sure all 6 inches of the sweet was inside me. Through hooded lids I watched the teachers pace and matched it thrust by thrust.

My pussy starts dripping with a mixture of juices from both me and the dessert. It pools beneath me on the chair, but I don’t care. I’m fucking myself fast, using my other hand to reach under my shirt and play with my rock hard nipples. I pinch and twist, crying out in pleasure as I am assaulted with so many sensations.

My hot pussy cooling by the second as I just keep shoving the dessert in. I know that very soon the sweet will be completely melted, but I prepared for this. I reach forward with the hand that was playing with my nipples and grab the spare popsicle off the desk. In a flash I have the plastic wrapping off and I’m shoving that fresh icy pop inside of me.

Finally I can’t take it all in and I have to close my eyes.

I imagine in my head what the teacher could be doing to me on that screen. I move the new sweet faster in my pussy. Going as fast as my arm can go. I use my other hand to rub my cold and sticky clit. I buck my hips, grinding into both my hand and against the imaginary cock inside of me. Pleasure rolling over me.

My imagination running wild, picturing me with the teacher, taking his thick hard rod. I want it so bad. I know I’m young and shouldn’t be thinking about these things. It’s so wrong, but I can’t help it. I need it, I need to cum. And with quickened fingers on my clit, my pussy clamps down on my frozen treat and I cream all over it. My body shaking with ecstasy, my moan filling the whole house. I cum so hard I need a minute to just slump in the chair. The popsicle melting into my spasming pussy.

Finally I reach down and pull out the remains. My creamy white cum still coating it. I do the only thing that makes any sense… I pop into my mouth and suck every drop off the icy cold rod. Pussy pop… delicious. I better clean up my mess before my parents get home…

Did you miss part one of my naughty popsicle masturbation blog? Well check it out here! Want to hear the full, unedited, explicit story? I made an audio detailing the true, dirty story. Take a listen. I dare you…



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