Popsicle masturbation, Sticky fun with Aria part one

When I was younger, I used to do some really silly things in the name of pleasure. I want to tell you about one of those silly things. It was a blazing hot summer day, school was out for break, and I was enjoying a multicolored Popsicle. I was home alone, and I was enjoying the solitude. I decided to sneak onto the family computer and see what sort of trouble I could get into while my parents were running errands.

Firstly, I was lucky I had seen them enter the password to the parent account, and I was logged in within a flash. Putting the dessert in my mouth and holding it there, I used both hands to quickly type out the search for pornhub. In an instant, thousands of videos became available to my young and innocent eyes. I scrolled through video after video, looking for the perfect one. Finally, after a couple minutes, I found it.

A video of a girl that looks dangerously close to my age. When the man fucking her looks to be the same age as my parents, it’s perfect. I click on the video and a close up shot of the sweet, fresh faced girl pops up. Her hair in high pig tails, wearing a floral sundress… I had an outfit just like it. She was staying after school to ask for help in math. The teacher soon taking advantage of her.

I started sucking on my popsicle slowly.

I leaned back in the chair and propped my feet up. My eyes glued to the computer screen, my lips icy cold as the popsicle slides in and out of my mouth. The sweet liquid melting and sliding down my throat. When it gets to the part where the teacher pulls out his cock, I start to feel a tingle between my legs.

I press my thighs together to try and buck against the sensations in my body but it’s no use. My tiny rosebud nipples begin to pucker, and the girl wraps her lips around the teachers cock. I start to pretend my popsicle is his cock and I follow the girls movements closely. Taking it down my throat, choking on my sweet phallic treat as she chokes on him. Soon he had her bent over her own desk, his cock sliding up and down her pussy.

I spread my legs open and pull my panties aside so I can do the same with my makeshift cock. The chill of the sweet making me tremble over more than just the cold. I trace the tip up and down my tiny slit, paying extra attention to my clit. Pink liquid melts off the popsicle from the heat, then dribbles down my pussy.

My eyes transfixed on the screen, I eagerly awaited for what the teacher was going to do next. I wanted it, needed it. I was ready…

Did you enjoy part one of my popsicle masturbation blog? Then come back Sunday to read on with part two! Or if you can’t wait to hear what happens, hear the full, explicit story in my audio. Like Age play? Read my naughty Age Play blog here!



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