Police Brutality, Aria’s reunion with Officer Daniels part two

My eyes flew open in shock. He expected me to beg him to fuck my ass?! I never even asked him to in the first place! My heart raced with adrenaline as my mind raced with a million different thoughts. He was the poster child for police brutality. I should have told him to fuck off, but I was so turned on that the protest wouldn’t reach my lips.

Please… Officer Daniels… please brutalize my ass. Let me show you how I’ve improved since then.” The words left my mouth before I realized they were even there. I clapped my hands over my mouth, but it was too late. In one fell swoop, be buried every single inch of steely cock in my ass. I cried out, partially in pain, but mostly in pleasure. My asshole adjusting to his intrusion far faster than back then.

My hands returned to the side of the car, and I stayed in position. His hands gripped my shoulders and he began his brutal assault. Just as good as I remembered. He ripped me open, thrusting at a speed that to this day, only he has matched. My moans were loud, my words encouraging. After a couple of minutes, I let one hand slip down to rub my swollen and engorged clit.

His pace never faltered, even with time.

It was like it was the day after my first encounter with police brutality, instead of almost three years later. Within twenty minutes I felt the urge to cum, but somehow he knew and ripped my hand away from my clit. He pushed me down to my knees, positioning my body so I was practically in the fetal position and looking up at him. The concrete scraped against my cheek.

You don’t get to cum just yet, slut.” He growled. He positioned himself over me so that he could squat down and be buried balls deep into my now gaping ass. I was trapped beneath him, unable to move, yet why would I want to if he is ravaging me like this? I licked my lips and looked up at him as he lowered down into my eager hole. Sighing in pleasure as he plugged me up.

He applied his body weight and it felt like he grew another three inches to dig deeper into my ass. The groan that left my chest made him laugh at me. His pace began anew. My whole body slamming into the hard concrete with each powerful thrust. I screamed as sensations washed over me, and without trying, my asshole spasmed in release.

The strength of my orgasm caused my eyes to roll back and I lost consciousness.

For how long I was out, I don’t know, but when I came to, he was still roughly drilling away. A hard slap on my ass cheek cleared the foggy sensation rather quickly. “Welcome back princess.” He cooed, digging in extra deep for effect. I whimpered in response. “What, you’re not going to thank me?” He asked with mock indignation. He pulled his cock out of my ass, and spread my cheeks wide so my hole was left gaping before him.

I whimpered and shook my ass as a way to plead for him to keep fucking me. My mind nearly lost to the sea of pleasure. I wasn’t sure if I was even capable of speech. “You aren’t getting what you want until you thank me.” He demanded.

Have I really fallen so far? To the point that I was pressed deep into the concrete ground in a public parking lot, begging and mewling for my childhood nightmare to assault me. Am I really going to submit to this monster?

Thank you Officer for making me cum. I’m so sorry I did so without permission. Please please pound my gaping and eager ass until you are satisfied.” The words escaped my mouth without my mind giving permission. I couldn’t believe I said that! Apparently they were the magic words though, because within a few seconds, I was stuffed to the brim once again.

He kept this going for what felt like forever. My mouth crying out dirty things to him. Admitting I was a dumb anal whore, offering my ass to him anytime he wanted, telling him to bring his cop friends to gangbang me like a proper cock slut, begging to be the victim of police brutality.

The whole time he never slowed.

His cock molded my asshole so that his was the only one that could satisfy me. Over the course of two hours, I came several times. Each time, his speed picked up for the duration of my spasms. He seemed to really enjoy the tightness.

But when we reached two hours, he reached around and grabbed my clit between his fingers. I knew what was coming. He drilling picked up speed, and he pinched my clit so hard I screamed. But beyond the pain, I came just as hard as the first time, almost making me pass out for a second time.

Almost. But I was awake as officer Daniels buried himself all the way inside me one last time, unloading that famously huge load of cum inside me. When his cock twitched for the last time, he pulled out quickly and watched my gaping ass ooze all of his thick milk onto the ground. Just like last time, I was left motionless. My body unable to connect to my mind and move.

But unlike last time, he wasn’t quite done with me.

He kneeled on the ground behind me and with one hand on my ass, he forced his other hand into my ass. His entire fist ripping me open even further, causing me to scream. Tears sprung to my eyes and finally he fulled his hand out, only to pull me up and force his fingers down my throat and feed me his cum.

I choked and some spilled out, dripping down my chin. He slapped my face hard enough to hurt. “Looks like you aren’t as fully trained as I thought. Don’t worry though, I have your address now… Drive safe.” He walked away calmly, as if he hadn’t just took my ass in public.

I knew his threat should have frightened me, but instead my tired and sore body was thrilled at the thought of doing that again.

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