Police Brutality, Aria’s reunion with Officer Daniels part one

In light of the recent events going on in the US involving police brutality, I felt like I would share another encounter I had with someone from my past. Some of you may have read my blog about when I was brutally introduced to anal. Well that wasn’t the last time I saw officer Daniels.

It was a few months ago when I when I was driving my roommates’ car late at night to make a quick ice cream run for the two of us. I saw the red and blue flashing lights behind me, and so I pulled over into an empty parking lot. While I was waiting for an officer to approach, I quickly gathered my license, the car registration, and insurance card from the center console. I waited patiently with the window rolled down, and was soon met with a blinding light in my face.

License and registration ma’am.” The voice said gruffly. I felt the oddest sensation that I had heard it before. I offer up the documents and he redirects the blinding beam from his flashlight to my license. “Aria Grey… that name sounds familiar…” The flashlight hits my face once again and I squinted against it. “I recognize you!” The man finally said after scrutinizing me for a long while.

The flashlight clicked off and with a few rapid blinks to clear my vision, a familiar face filled my view. My eyes widened in shock and against my own will, my thighs squeezed together as my pussy began to moisten.

“Officer Daniels?” I asked incredulously.

The man smirked knowingly and leaned in, propped against the car. “So you remember me after how many years? Three?” He replied.

Two and a half, give or take.” I responded stiffly.

Mmmmm must have made one hell of an impression for you to remember exactly how long ago it was.” He reaches in through the window to caress the side of my face. “How have you been? Staying out of trouble?” His voice sounded like honey coated poison. Yet at the same time, my nipples hardened in anticipation. After all that time, my body still remembered him.

I’ve been doing much better since the last time I encountered you officer. Can I ask why you pulled me over?” I tried to sound calm, but my voice was breathy and practically asking for another round with the man who was the reason my ass is insatiable to this day.

You have a broken tail light, and it seems like this isn’t your car… I would hate to have to arrest you for grand theft auto considering our past… I’m sure we can come to an agreement.” His hand snaked down from my face to my throat, pinning me back into the seat. I was struggling to breathe, yet instead of panicking I let out an involuntary moan.

His sinister laugh filled the air when he heard me and he leaned in further to whisper.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Why don’t you step out of the vehicle for me miss.” He commanded me with but a simple whisper, my body moving of it’s own accord.

He released my throat for a moment as I exited the car, only to hold me in his grip once again when the door shut behind me. He pinned me up against the side of the car and pressed the length of his body against mine. “Seems like you’re almost as small as you were back then. This should be a lot of fun for you and I after all this time.” He flipped me so that my chest was pressed to the car and he practically tore off my jeans and panties.

Exposing my bare ass to the public. I gasped in shock and extreme arousal. Anyone could see me if anyone was nearby…

I didn’t have time to fret, because Officer Daniels kneeled down and stuck his face right between my ass cheeks. I threw my head back and moaned low. Resigned to the fact that my body was going to betray me once again.

The shadow of Officer Daniels still lay heavy on me.

Officer Daniels had his tongue plunged deep into my awaiting rosebud. With my hands planted on the car, I spread my legs wide and arched my back, inviting him to delve deeper into my hungry asshole. I never imagined I would once again fall victim of police brutality… His growl of approval met my ears and my pussy began dripping as a result. He stood up, unzipping his fly and pulling out the cock that molded my anal preferences so long ago. My legs shook from the tension.

He leaned in, the head of his cock gently pressing against my asshole, but not entering. I whimpered and tried to push back onto him, but he pulled away as I did. “Looks like someone is an eager little slut as always.” He taunted. His cock rested at my closed rosebud and he leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Last time you resisted, this time I want to hear you beg.”

Did you enjoy part one of my Police Brutality blog? Come back Sunday to catch the delicious ending. If you can’t wait that long, then try checking out my audio for the raw take of officer Daniels ripping me open all over again.




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