All these people here to watch me be plugged for the first time. To know they were excited to see an anal virgin being deflowered. This is what I came for. The throbbing almost burning between my legs intensified as music started up. 

I’d been instructed what to expect before arriving at the club. There would be no talking involved. Sadie had walked me through the step by step enough times to know what would go down on this stage.

I walked forward to the center of the stage. My black coat, my last defense to the eyes of these strangers. As the music slowly built louder my masked stranger walked towards me. He was in shape with dark hair half of his face covered. 

Walking behind me he put his hands on my shoulders. This was my cue. I undid the buttons of my coat and he slid it to the floor. There I stood on stage in my black lace garter belt, choker, black stockings, and heels. That was all I was in as he turned me around showing everyone my bare backside. Walking us over to the table he bent me over it. My stomach pressed to it as he came up behind me. I was already so soaked as he rubbed the cold metal plug against my wetness. Before he moved it and pressed it against my asshole. I struggled not to clench. To stay relaxed as I felt a moment of pain before it slid into me. The heavy weight of it was strangely enticing. 

I couldn’t believe it. I’d just had him slide an anal plug into me in front of a bunch of strangers. Even as this thought was crossing my mind I felt him smack my ass and hard. I’d gotten distracted. I stood back up the weight making things low in me clench. As I walked over to the wrack and put my hands up I struggled to stay focused. He cuffed me there leaving me exposed and at his mercy.  

I had never felt this free or naughty before. A silent show of a anal virgin being plugged and then fucked in front of an audience. I never knew I had it in me. My eyes flashed to Sadies hungry ones to the side of the stage as he lifted my leg wrapping it around his waist. This was her club. Lining his hard cock up against my pussy I felt him slide in me. Both of my holes filled for the very first time. As he took me right there I struggled to stand. As he picked up his pace I came hard. My legs giving out under me.

He grabbed my ass. The plug pressed tighter into me making me shatter again as he slid in and out of me at the same time. Feeling me cum again he pulled out and came all over my stomach. When he pulled away I hung there limp and used up. His cum on me for all to see as my legs shook. This would not be the last show I put on. Not by a long shot. I just got a taste, I needed so much more. 

I really hope you enjoyed part 2 playing in the ambulance. If you just want to hear this one with all the juicy details  you should purchase my audio .

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