Plugged Into The Club Life. – Part 1

The thought of being Plugged for the first time was driving me to distraction. I went to a bdsm night club last week, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. The things I saw should have made me run. Instead with legs shaking a little I put my coat on over my outfit. Black lace the call for tonight’s events. 

Walking towards the club pretending I wasn’t completely exposed under my coat started to get me wet. Knowing just a few buttons kept me from being completely revealed. I’d always known I wasn’t like most of my friends. I craved a darker side of life. When I stumbled on this club I knew I’d found something special. 

My new friend there met me at the door. Her name was Sadie and she is the one who kept me from running when I first entered last time. Her touch was as seducing as her words of pushing ourselves to try new things. 

As I walked up to her she grabbed me and kissed me hard, her hands going into my hair as her tongue fed at my mouth. Right there on the street and I was ready to drop to my knees for her. Tonight it wasn’t her who would be taking me though. No that would be her assistant.

 I was to be tonight’s main show. An anal virgin getting plugged for the first time on stage. 

We entered the club I pulled the coat tighter around me starting to feel nervous. 

As an exhibitist and voyuer, those were the words I was told would define my kinks Sadie had said last time. We’d talked and played late into the night. Not just us either. She convinced me that my fantasy of being plugged in front of an audience was not a bad thing. When I saw other girls on stage last time the thought of being up there myself had got me wet. Ever since then I’d had to fight a constant needy pulse in my clit. Begging me to give in to my desires.

That’s when I’d called Sadie and arranged this. 

As we walked back stage I only saw a few people. When alone in a room Sadie handed me a bottle of something and told me to rub it on my clit. When I went to ask what was in it she glared at me. No words left my mouth as I remembered I consented to complete surrender. Squirting the unlabeled liquid onto my fingers I slid them under my coat and rubbed it onto my wet bare pussy. 

Grabbing my hand, Sadie took us behind a black curtain and told me to wait there. That is where she left me as I started to feel a burning tingle. My clit started throbbing it’s own heartbeat. A small sweat broke out as I felt my thighs clench. That’s when the curtains opened. I was on a stage with a man in a mask, a table, and a standing rack with cuffs on each corner. I couldn’t ignore either an audience of over twenty people seated in the dark in front of the stage.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear if we get it on in the back of the ambulance. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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