Pleasing My Mistress; Hot Lesbian Sex For Submissive Good Girls Part Two

She just ate my pussy so good. However, I want to be the one pleasing my mistress. I love the satisfaction she gets when I do a good job. I pull my skirt back down gently with my pussy still throbbing for her as I look her in the eyes. She is so beautiful. Now how am I going to satisfy her? How can I make her cum for me?

Her Turn

I nervously kiss her again, still tasting myself against her tongue. I’d bet she tastes amazing too. I lower myself to the ground while looking up into her eyes. My knees finally find the floor as I look at her in this hot red little  outfit that I can just pull to the side. When it slid to the side, I saw her pretty puffy little pussy beckoning me to lick all over it.

Eatin’ That Pussy

My tongue licks her clit in slow, rhythmic beats and finally she starts to moan. Her hand lands on the back of my head as she pushes me deeper into her cunt. I follow directions, pushing my way inside her while I fuck her with my mouth. I can taste her sweet nectar as I push my fingers up into her pussy, allowing me to breathe and look up at her at the same time. She is so wet for me. I pleasing my mistress so much, I can tell.

She grabs at my hair and pulls me back as she turns away from me. “Eat my ass” she whispers and I do. My face instinctually goes for her tight little asshole and I lick everything I feel with my mouth. Its sloppy. Drool is dripping all over her asshole and pussy and I am just lapping it up like a little bitch. I feel her thighs tighten as her cum leaks into my mouth. Wow, I did it! I made my goddess cream in my mouth.

Don’t Worry, I Cleaned It Up

She stands me up, telling me how much of a good girl I am as she turns me around like she was and pushes me over the island again. Her hands explore my body while she talks about how she is going to reward me again. My heart races and I feel her fingers tease my asshole and pussy at the same time. She slowly pushes her fingers in both of my holes!

Double Penetration Treat

My ass and pussy stay relaxed as she pushes all the way in me. It hurts a little, but that fuels my orgasm as I get louder and louder as she pumps into me from behind. I can tell I am making a mess. I got so wet when I was tasting her. God, I’m about to cum again! I love pleasing my mistress! She makes it so easy for me to explode all over. A bigger mess I will make. I throb and finally I cum. Hard.

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