Pleasing My Mistress; Hot Lesbian Sex For Submissive Good Girls Part One

A knock bellows from my front door as I have been waiting for my Goddess to come check my house. She told me if it was clean, She would fuck me and I cleaned it really good. My very best. Pleasing my mistress controls my very being and drives me to be better. For her. I crave her. And of course I crave being dominated and controlled in my mind’s lesbian power play scene.

Cum On In

The door opens and my thighs twitch as I see her. She is so fucking hot in that tight red dress; boots up to her thighs with swirls of lace trailing up to all the sexy places on her body. I invite her in and watch her walk around my home, looking around. Inspecting. She drags her finger across my counter in my kitchen, checking for dust but she won’t find any. I spent all night cleaning every inch. Ready to be pleasing my mistress during inspection. Ready to be fucked. 

Inspection Time

She calls me into the kitchen. “Right here” she says as she slaps the counter. Has she found something I missed? I walk around the island, nervous for what I might find, and so wet at the thought of being denied another week. Shyly, I make my way up to her, as she directs me with her hands. She spins me around and guides my head forward, bending me over the counter and leaning up to my ear. “good girl,” she whispers, as I feel her fingers sliding up the back of my bare thighs.

She finds my pink panties, previously hidden under my skirt that I wore specifically for her. Her fingers gracefully slide them to the side with ease and she pushes herself inside my wet little cunt. I moan out for her as she slowly finger fucks my pussy. Pleasing my mistress has earned her long fingers deep inside me, god what more could I want?

I Need To Be Fucked, Mistress

Just as I think that, she slides out of me and slips her fingers into my mouth. I obey, cleaning her off as she whispers another “good girl” and lowers herself to the ground. She grabs my thigh and lifts it open as her mouth finds my pussy, licking me up and down as I moan for her. God damn she eats pussy like a literal goddess. I feel the mess I am making all over my mistresses face. It is a blessing she would even allow such a mess from me on her.

Can I Please Cum In Your Mouth?

My pussy pulses as her tongue slides in and out of me. My back arches. I am going to show her how much of a good girl I can be. I am going to cum for her. Right in her mouth. Give her the gift of being able to taste her best girl. My thigh tightens, my palms sweaty as I orgasm for her. She kisses her way back up to my lips and puts that same tongue in my mouth now. I taste so good.

I love pleasing my mistress. See part two for how I please her with more than just my clean kitchen. Or, buy the audio blog to hear the whole story!

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