Playing Lesbians – Part 1

Juicy hot dogs sizzle and crackle on the grill. The sun sears into my skin, and the air is filled with the sound of shrieking, splashing children. After all, it is a community pool party day. I was hoping to find a lesbian at this party, but never expected to end up playing lesbians in the neighbor girl’s apartment.

Presenting my pass to the guy at the front desk, I cut through the locker room and enter the bustling pool area. Untying my sarong and tossing it onto an empty lounge chair, I glance around. I have no idea what to do with myself. My eyes stop on a statuesque woman in a royal blue one-piece and Gucci sunglasses. She has soft curves and big, curly hair with edges that glow in the light. She’s concentrating on the iPod she’s holding in her manicured hand.

“Are you in charge of the music?” I ask as I walk over.

She looks up and I can see her shadowy eyes through the tint.

“Not really. But I’m picking it anyway.” Her lips perk out as if in a pout.

“What are you thinking?” I asked curiously.

“Timberlake or Train? Very different energies.”

Knowing instantly I blurt out “Train”.

“You got it, boss lady.”

She hits play and stands up. Her wet bathing suit clings to her body.

“I’m Jessica, by the way,” she says. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

“Chloe. I just moved in. I only know, like, two people here.”

“It’s all good! You know me now, and I know everybody,” she said eagerly. Almost too energetic for my taste.
There’s something about her that’s so vibrant. It radiates, infectiously. Completely and utterly captivated, I want to soak her in.

“Lovely Miss Chloe.” She laces up her sandals. “I was about to pick up a towel from my place. Wanna come?”

Brightening up I respond, “Sure, I could use a walk.”

“Yeah, Me too. It’s getting a little crowded in here.”

Before I know it we’re at Jessica’s apartment, a third-floor walkup in a building just like mine. My heart races. As we go inside I smell sandalwood The walls are covered with multicolored tapestries.

“Make yourself at home,” Jess says as she walks into the kitchen. “Want some iced tea?”

“Yes, please.” I leaf through a National Geographic book on the coffee table. “Your apartment is so much nicer than mine. I’ve got a really bad mold.”

“A little baking soda and vinegar should take care of that.” She hands me a glass. “Wanna smoke before we go back down?”


Out on the balcony, plants are everywhere. The length of the parapet is covered with a long bamboo privacy screen. We sit down at a weathered folding table, and Jess hands me a cigarette. It’s really good.

“You’re a very good hostess, you know.” I lean over a ceramic pot and rub a slender stalk between my thumb and forefinger. “What’s this?”

“Lemongrass. I use it for tea, infusions, all sorts of things.” She snaps a small fuzzy leaf from another plant. “Here, chew this.”

I pop it in my mouth, and each bite releases a flood of mint.

“Mmm. That’s amazing.”

“I’ll make you tea someday. I have a special blend for just about every occasion.”

“Are you inviting me to a tea party?” I ask, playing with her.

“I throw the best tea parties. It gets lit. Especially when I break out the citrus-rose.” She comes back, jokingly.

There’s a large tote in the corner, capsized and overflowing. The head of a shiny black cock pokes out from the pile of clothes and toiletries. Jessica notices my gaze.

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