Playing Lesbians- Part 2

“Ha, sorry. Just got back from a trip.” She shoves everything back in the tote smiling at me and all I want is to be playing lesbians with her and that dildo.

“It’s fine, don’t even worry about it. I’ve seen a dildo before.”

Jess leans in conspiratorially. “Wanna try it on?”

“Do I want to try it on?” I laugh in surprise. “No, I’d rather see you wear it.”

Jessica grins, getting up she straps on the dildo and stands in front of me, rock-hard.

“Kiss it,” she says. So I get on my knees, barely feeling the concrete digging into my skin. I kiss the tip and lick and suck and wet every inch of it while she strokes the top of my head. Jess is fulfilling my lesbian dreams as she gently stops me and helps me to my feet. We kiss, sweetly, passionately. The smooth ball of her tongue ring clinks against our teeth.

She turns me around and I grasp the iron rail with both hands. Pulling my bikini bottom down she maneuvers it past my shoes. She slips the dildo between my thighs and pushes my legs together, then she thrusts. The slick shaft slides back and forth against my labia. I moan softly as Jess kisses my shoulders and back. Then, she switches to nibbling my earlobe and I press my ass into her. She puts her left hand on top of mine and wraps the other around my waist.

“You ready?” she says.

“Give it to me,” I gasp. “Please?”

She licks and fingers and teases my asshole until it opens, then forces the dildo deep inside. I hold my breath as she bears down filling me to the point I can barely move. She starts playing with my nipples, then she’s holding my hips and fucking me slow and hard. It makes my ass jiggle and shake.

Looking down I see a sidewalk wind its way past the building, but no one’s around. We have the courtyard to ourselves. She unties my bikini top and I watch as it falls to the ground. Across the way, I notice a neighbor man in a bathrobe watches from his window. He ducks behind the wall when he notices I’m looking at him, but I know he’s still there.

She pulls me back onto the dildo by my braid and kisses me. I roll my neck and square my shoulders as Jessica puts her foot upon the chair. Now she’s ramming it into me and I feel and hear the front of her thighs slapping against the back of mine. The sound turns me

“Oh God, don’t stop,” I moan. “You feel so fucking good.”

She takes my hands and spins me around, pulling me close. Her bathing suit is cold and clammy on my bare skin. My nipples tighten from the chill. I push her sunglasses up finally seeing her hazel eyes up close. As I notice they’re flecked with green she lays me down on the table and playing her hands along my body. I kiss her fingers and she presses my knees against my chest. I tightly grip the edges of the table as she pushes the dildo back inside my throbbing asshole.

Wrapping my legs around her waist I grind into her. It makes our hips move in elliptical orbits. The more turned on I get, the harder she fucks. Until I’m crying out. She’s pounding me hard and fast. Watching me cum she keeps laying into me until the last convulsion has surged through my body.

JessĀ gathers up my bathing suit and hands it to me. I defiantly throw it over the edge of the balcony. She puts her hand on her hip.

“You’re so bad! What am I going to do with you?”

“I’m sure you can think of something,” I smirk back at her.

Still wearing the strap-on, she picks me up, carries me into the bedroom, and slams the door behind us.

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