Pet Play – Finding The Perfect Pet!

So let me tell you how this whole pet play thing started. First of all, I was always curious about the kink. I’ve actually partaken in it myself. I was the pet and I had what you would call a “master” or “owner”. However, I never thought about having a “pet” for myself until recently. It sounded like a fun adventure! Would it be a girl or guy? It didn’t really matter too much to me. I just decided the other night that I would set out to find one to bring home!

The popular night club down town would be the perfect place. Surely there was bound to be some kinky folks. My plan was to find the right person to become my “furry friend” for the night. I even went to the pet store to grab essentials! A collar, leash, food bowl, among other things…

Truthfully, at first, the night started out slow. I found guys and even girls who wanted to dance. But I wasn’t sure if they were “pet play” material. Then I was leaning towards either a girl or a more feminine male. That’s when I saw just what I was searching for!

He had a feminine physique, feminine face, slender… Perfect for what I wanted.

So with a smile and pep in my step I walked across the dancefloor over to him. He was sitting at the bar all by his lonesome. I asked him if he came here alone tonight and he shyly said yes. He was smiling but I could tell he was a little confused about why I chose to talk to him. So I decided to work my charms against him! We chatted, and then we danced for a while. I was really enjoying his company actually. And I could tell he felt the same. Oh yes, I was working my magic on this guy!

After dancing I invited him back to my place. It was like he couldn’t believe it at first. This hot girl he barely knew inviting him to her place. Of course, he couldn’t resist my invitation. So we went outside the club and fetched a taxi to take us to my home.

We arrived at my place where the real fun would soon begin.

At this point, I will be honest, I was slightly nervous. This was going to hopefully be the first time I turn someone into my pet play slut. I didn’t spring it on him so quickly though. Obviously I needed to take my time, just a little bit. So we chatted on my couch for a while. Then the chatting led to kissing… The kissing led to touching.

Before we fully realized it our hands were all over each other. Squeezing and fondling. He was such a pretty boy – I mean the true definition! It must have been the wine talking because I couldn’t help but tell him he was beautiful. Blushing, he thanked me. That’s when I told him we should go upstairs.

As we entered my room I told him I would really like to try something new. Something that I hadn’t done before with someone. He said okay… Then he asked what I had in mind. That’s when I walked over to my closet and pulled out my bag with pet play essentials in it. The look on his face was priceless when he saw me take the collar and leash out of the bag!

This is where I must make you wait for part two until Thursday. However, if you want to know what happens next then grab the audio to this kinky story now!

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