Pet Play – Finding The Perfect Pet! Part 2

Read part one of my kinky pet play story if you haven’t already. To say this guy was shocked would be an understatement. I mean he really had no idea this is what I had in mind. I suppose this sort of thing probably isn’t on many girls minds. But don’t worry, I didn’t scare him off, thank goodness! Still, it took some coaxing and encouragement to get him to be a good boy. I promised that it would be a fun time.

He was unsure at first but once I started fondling him through his pants he quickly came around. We kissed as I began unbuttoning his shirt. Then undoing his pants and sliding them down. Afterwards I reached for his boxers. Just before pulling them down I said we can try this and if he doesn’t like it we’ll stop. He gave me the “okay” to which I then fully undressed him. I walked back over to my bag of pet play goodies and grabbed the collar and leash.

I told him to just relax as I attached the collar then leash around his neck.

To my surprise, his cock was still raging hard. My charms really must have been working on him! That’s when I whispered into his ear “get on your hands and knees for me”. We looked into each others eyes as he slowly got down to the floor. Again, I walked over to my bag, and pulled out two very important things: lubrication and a butt plug with a furry tail attached.

He could see what I had in my hands but he didn’t stop me from walking behind him. In a calming voice I told him I would be extra careful. Then I promised that he would love what I was about to do to him. I squeezed the lube onto the butt plug and began teasing his tight entrance with it. I said to him “relax” as I slowly began pushing the tail inside him.

He let out a gasp but kept his ass in the air for me. Eventually he started pushing himself on it. Clearly he was quite aroused and so was I! Then FINALLY the plug was inside my sexy pet play slut. Soon as it went in he let out a loud moan. I didn’t hesitate to reach for his hard cock and start stroking it.

He was really getting into it while I kept stroking and telling him he’s a good little pet.

I started pulling on the leash that was attached to his collar. Tugging on it like how I was tugging on his throbbing cock. He was panting for me. I knew it would only be a matter of time before he busts a big nut. So I said to him “cum for me, my pet, cum for me!”

Let me tell you, he shot such a big load all over my bedroom floor. But I didn’t mind. I even made him lick it up afterwards. He said he couldn’t believe that really just happened. I giggled and told him he can come over for pet play ANY time! It’s definitely something I want to do soon again.

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