Period play!

Do you have a bloody period fetish? Well, I knew a guy that was into it as well. I want to tell you all about it! I had been talking to this guy for a few months. We knew each other from high school and we had some mutual friends. One day, our mutual friends all planned a little get together at my place. We had games and drinks and music and it was a lot of fun. Nothing got to crazy or anything but eventually as the night went on, him and I ended up chatting. He was so fun to talk to and he had an awesome sense of humor. That night we exchanged phone numbers and the friendship began.

I can’t lie, since that night, I had a pretty big crush on him and I knew he felt the same way. He was too shy to make any moves but luckily for him I am bold when I want to be. Like I said, we had been talking and hanging out for months but it seemed like every move I made just wouldn’t work. So finally, I just gave up. I decided maybe he really just wanted to be friends and nothing more. I got more comfortable with him. It still seemed like he was into me but he was really hard to read. I remember one night, I told him I wasn’t feeling too great because I was cramping like crazy. He jumped on that opportunity and offered to come over with snacks and watch movies together.

I couldn’t turn down the offer so he came by.

He brought chocolates, chips, ice cream, and some movies. We hung out in my room and he finally made a move. We started cuddling and he was caressing my thigh as we watched movies and ate the snacks he brought. I kept feeling his hand go higher and higher up my thigh. It felt like he was teasing me. I felt so horny already with my hormones all over the place and his touch just amplified it. You could imagine how confusing this would be for me. I mean every move I made never worked and now that I’m on my period, he finally starts to make some moves. Usually, when a men finds out a woman is on her period, he runs for hills for those few days until its done and over with. But this man, had a completely different reaction.

I felt his hand graze my pussy over my pajama shorts and I felt myself feeling even more horny than before.

Before I knew it, he was kissing on my neck. I just couldn’t handle how great his lips felt on me. I had been wanted this for months. Then, I felt his hand start rubbing on my pussy over my shorts and he started kissing me. We tasted each others tongues and his hand went up my stomach and onto my breasts. It felt so good and I was so horny but every man I had been with would never even imagine being with a woman on their period.

Part One

Stay tuned for Part Two coming out on Saturday! Or, if you can’t wait, check out my audio to hear the full story from my very own lips!

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