Peeping Tom Fantasy Caught Spying on the Neighbor Part 2

She reaches into the draw of her bedside table and pulls something out. At first I can’t see what it is. Then I realize it is a vibrator.  She starts by running it over her nipples, and throwing her head back in pleasure.

Slowly, very slowly she works the vibrator down towards her pussy.

Then starts to tease herself, and me too for that matter! Obligingly, Cheryl puts one leg up on her bed and turns a little so I can see exactly what she is doing. I’m really wishing I had those binoculars for a better view about now. Round and round her clit she goes, and then pushes the vibrator deeply up inside of her. I am not sure whether she or I is enjoying this more!

She sits down on the edge of the bed and continues to fuck her slowly with the vibrator.  She occasionally pulls it out and rubs it against her clit for a moment before sliding it back into her dripping snatch.  I am mesmerized by all this.  I have never seen a woman masturbate before and it is possibly the sexiest thing I have ever seen!

Her back arches and her mouth opens in a moan as she convulses in orgasm.

I didn’t even realize that I had slid my hand up under my skirt and was rubbing my clit through my panties.  She withdraws the vibrator and seems to look directly at me as she licks her own juices off of it.  I’m mesmerized!

Keeping one hand on the vibrator, she lifts one of her substantial breasts and proceeds to lick her nipple while seemingly looking straight at me again. Of course it is just her own reflection in the glass she is looking at. I just happen to be in her line of sight. But wait, if it was just her own reflection she was interested in, then surely a mirror would give a better view, right? She is clearly exhibiting herself for pleasure. At this point it occurs to me that unless there is someone in the street – and there clearly isn’t, then the only place she can be seen from, is my house. All of the other houses would miss the view because she is at the back of her room and the angle would be all wrong.

I let that point float about my mind for a few seconds.

Could this show be for me? Did she see me at the window and now hope I am watching? She stretches out her arm towards me and points toward the window where I am. Oh my! She beckons with her finger, and points again. Oh my!

Now what do I do?  If I don’t go over there I will wonder what I missed for the rest of my life. If I do and the show wasn’t for me, then I am going to look and feel like an idiot.  What do I do!!??

Stay tuned for part 3 of this peeping tom fantasy coming to you next Wednesday!  If you just can’t wait check out my audio blog to hear my own voice paint the picture of what happens next!

If you missed the beginning of my story be sure to check out Part 1.

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