Time to finish off my pantyhose slave!

I let him cool off for about five minutes before I started to put on my thick 8-inch strap-on. I lubed it up nice and good for him and slid it deep inside his ass. He let out a long pleasure-filled moan as I pumped my thick plastic cock in and out of his horny ass hole. I watch his cock get harder and harder before finally I pull the fake cock out of his ass to replace it with an even bigger one. But first, I want to flip him over.

He had no idea what was about to happen as I began to untie his hands. I have him flip onto his back while guiding him, his calves are still tied to his thighs and I’m gonna leave it like that. Next, I pull is hands above his head so I can retie him to the bed frame. Once he is unable to move again, I stand over him, tracing my pantyhose covered feet over his chest and onto his cock. My pantyhose slave loves my feet on his cock!¬†

Then, I begin to rub my soft foot all over his horny cock.

He’s close to bursting! I tease and tease and then I stop, get off the bed, and put on my 12-inch long strap on. I made way back onto the bed and in between his legs. He jumped a little bit from the cold lube I dripped onto his asshole. I could see in the way she was squirming that he was so eager to know what was coming next. Softly, I rubbed the tip of my fake cock all around his slippery tight hole, teasing my pantyhose slave is so fun! I could hear hear him begging through his gag, wanting so badly to cum. Finally, as I slowly started to push the whole thing inside of his ass, I also started to twist and squeeze his balls. I started off slow and gentle and worked my way up, getting more and more rough with his horny ass.

I pushed his legs up against his chest and shoved all twelve inches deep inside his ass.

Again, his moans got louder and louder but this time I was going to let him release all of that cum. I took the gag out of his mouth as I was fucking him and made him beg me to let him cum. Finally, his cock exploded and followed with a loud and long relieved moan. I watched him shoot his load all over his chest and face. He put on a good cum eating show for his Mistress and licked up his mess like a good boy.

Part 2

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