My horny pantyhose slave is all tied up in my basement!

I have him on his hands and knees with his calves tied to his thighs and his wrists tied to the bed frame. The horny pantyhose slave is wearing nothing but a pair of nude pantyhose. There is a hole in the pantyhose just big enough for his balls and cock to hang out of. He has a pair of my black nylons in his mouth along with a blindfold covering his eyes. I grab my box of naughty toys from my closet and dump them all right next to him. He jumps from the sudden noise but smiled when he realized what it was he heard. 

I’m wearing nothing but my white pantyhose and some black stiletto heels. I circle him as he’s completely submissive to me and I take my whip and snap it against his ass. He jumps and let’s out a small groan of pain. I make my way in front of my pantyhose slave and I stick my toes right to his nose. Then, he begins to sniff and shove his face right into my toes. Next, I take the nylons out of his mouth and watch him as he tries to lick my feet. Of course, I grab my whip and snap it against his ass, harder this time.

“No tasting allowed.”

“Yes Mistress” He whimpers.

Without a word, I shove the nylons back into his mouth and dripped some lube on my pantyhose slave’s asshole and rubbed some onto my thin 4 inch strap-on. Time to tease. I pushed the small fake cock all the way up into his ass and slowly fucked his tight butt hole. He started to moan, then, I started to massage his balls. His moans got even loader and right before he was about to cum, I stopped. I pulled the cock out of his ass and his cock twitched, just begging to explode.

With only the sound of his tired moans in the air, I slipped off the strap-on and grabbed my next toy instead! My eyes glanced at the nipple clamps and immediately grabbed them along with my biggest butt plug. I didn’t bother lubing up the plug since his asshole was already pretty wet. As I popped it inside of him he let out a soft moan. When I put the nipple clamps on, his moans weren’t as soft. With both of his nipples clamped and the plug in his ass, I start to massage his horny cock.

The horny pantyhose slave let out a few soft cries and I felt his cock getting harder and harder. So of course, I pulled harder and harder and his moans got louder and louder. Until finally, I felt his cock start to drip just a little bit and I stopped. I took the plug out of his ass and the clamps off his nipples. He begged me through his gag to let him cum but I wasn’t done with him yet.

Part one

Come back for part two! Or, if you can’t wait, check out my audio! Also, if you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy reading Your Big Meaty Cock Needs Pleasure Part one and Part Two!


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