Panty Thief! Aria catches you sniffing her panties part two

I know a panty thief like you can’t resist a fresh pair like this. I hold them up to your nose and watch as you tremble with desire after a deep inhale. Both your hands reach up and grab the panties from my hand. You shove those panties practically up your nose and groan as the smell permeates your nostrils.

So, while you are distracted, I drop down to my knees and lap up the coat of precum on the head of your cock. You jerk in surprise and come out of your panty sniffing haze to look down at me. “What are you doing sweetheart?” You ask shakily.

I’m letting you do what you want, so you have to let me do what I want. I’m pretty sure you don’t want me telling mom anything… would you?” I reply, sliding the rough flat of my tongue from the base of your cock to the tip, devouring your head once I get to the top.

The pleasure washes over you, and you find that you don’t have the strength to fight me when your cock is in my mouth. So I keep going, my mouth so warm its almost hot against the sensitive skin of your cock. I slobber, drool, suck, and hum to send wave after wave of pure ecstasy to your cock.

But, just when you’re about to explode I stop.

Your eyes clear through the haze of pleasure to focus on me as I stand up in front of you. Without a word I push you back to laying on my bed, and straddle your lap. Before you can protest, I grab my used panties and shove them in your mouth. Your hands fly to my hips, but I can tell you’re unsure of whether you should push me off or help me out.

So I take advantage of that indecision and slam my pussy down on your rock hard cock. Surrounding you with my hot, wet, tight little pussy and all thoughts of fighting me are out the window. I take each and every bit of your cock inside me, and begin to ride you furiously. I’m hot, horny, and I need to cum so badly it hurts!

I can tell by the look in your eyes, that until now you had no idea that your precious babygirl was such a cock hungry whore. The conflicting thoughts race across your eyes. I give you a sweet smile and I grind my hips up and down, gripping your cock tighter with my pussy. The conflicting emotions subside and you reach up under my shirt to find my bare perky breasts.

You pinch and twist both nipples in your older, experienced hands.

So I moan your name, not your real name, but the name I have always called you, and I explode on your cock. The sound of me calling your name forces you to cum unexpectedly, and you don’t have time to pull out. Instead you release the biggest load you have ever had deep inside me. I collapse on top of you, panting and trembling, and your parental instinct kicks in. While your cock still twitches inside of me, you hold me safely in your arms and rub my back like you always used to.

I love you sweetheart…” You whisper into my hair.

Love you too…” I reply sleepily.

Did you miss part one of my panty thief blog? Click here to catch up! Or if you want to listen to the unedited audio, you can find it here!




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