Panty Thief! Aria catches you sniffing her panties part one

You’re in trouble again. You sit on the edge of my bed, with my dirty panties gripped tight in your hand. Frozen in place because I’ve just walked in on you. Even though you’ve been caught, you can’t help but lift the scrap of fabric to your nose and inhale deep. You’re a panty thief, through and through.

I’ve caught you doing this before, to my mom’s panties. But this is the first time I’ve caught you in my room. I’m sure you assumed I would still be at school, but it was an early release day. So here I stand, in the doorway to my bedroom, watching you sniff my used panties and stroke your cock.

I admit, I’m a little entranced with the sight of your cock as it throbs and twitches. Your head glistening with a layer of precum. This is the first time I’ve seen your cock when it’s hard. It awakens the part of me that craves being filled. I give you the smile I have always given you when I want something. You should know what it means, you have raised me after all…

“Hey kiddo, you’re back from school early…” You try to change the subject.

“Early release day… so what exactly are you doing with my used panties…?” I ask sweetly, taking a step closer. You shift back on the bed, keeping distance between us.

“Um.. it’s not what it looks like…” You try to come up with some sort of excuse, but the words fall short on your lips. I give you a knowing smile, stepping closer and closer. I close in on you, winding up standing right in front of you.

Despite your embarrassment at getting caught by me, your cock is still raging hard and throbbing. Your hand still holds my dirty panties in a tight grip, as if you are afraid to lose them. I lean forward, so that I am face to face with you, and smile sweetly. The smile that always melted you so I got what I wanted. You never could say no to me…

“That looks painful… do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” I ask in my sweetest, youngest, most innocent tone I can muster. The voice I had years ago when I still needed you to tuck me in at night. You inhale sharply, and your cock twitches. I know I have you.

“I don’t think that would be appropriate, princess.” You force out.

You say the right words that you should say. But the ragged breathing and stiff cock betray your inner desires.

“Hmmm you’re right… none of this is appropriate. Maybe I should tell mom about this…” I tease, fluttering my eyelashes for effect.

“No no no, that’s quite all right. We can keep this between us, can’t we?” You backtrack quickly. While you do so, I reach down under my skirt and pull off the panties I am currently wearing. They are still warm, moist, fresh from a full day of activity. The musk hits you even from a distance.

So I take my panties and grin. “I think we can come to an agreement that will make both of us happy…” I say slyly. Your eyes focus on the fresh pair of panties and a look of need morphs your face. You’ll do anything I say to get a hold of these. So it looks like it’s going to be an exciting afternoon…

Did you enjoy part one of my panty thief blog? Come back on Sunday to read what happens next. Or… if you want the unedited story straight from my lips, click here to get the audio!




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