Panty Thief – Part 2

Sitting him back down again, I slid the smooth black leather stiletto heels onto his stockinged feet. Telling him to stand up carefully, he took a couple of unsteady, excited steps towards my full-length mirror and then stood still to admire himself. With his long legs in those sheer stockings and the six inch stilettos, he did look absolutely beautiful. I decided that he needed a girl’s name in tribute to that beauty.

“Your name is now Alexis. You are no longer Alexander,” I said. A name which was both male and female – ambiguous, elegant and androgynous. I thought it suited him.

As he stood there and posed joyfully in front of my full-length mirror again, fully arrayed in purple lace plunge bra and skimpy purple panties, tossing his glossy dark hair just like a real girl except for the large hard cock which was pushing its way out of my panties. I decided it was time to teach him a lesson for entering my bedroom without permission and for the shameless theft of my panties.

“Do you know what a “sissy” is?”

“No . . . ” he said, although, given the shoes, I suspected he might be lying. “Well,” I said, “A sissy boy is what you are. Not only are you a slutty little cross-dresser, but you are also a panty thief. A stealer of MY panties. And that, my darling, is something which needs to be punished.”

“What do you mean?!” squealed Alexis, his voice going up an octave – again, almost like a real girl.

“Well, I’ve seen the terrible mess you’ve made of my dressing table drawers and I figure you must have seen my toys which WERE carefully hidden! So, I think an appropriate punishment would be for you to experience some of them.”

“No, please . . . I have never . . . ” wailed Alexis, but as I looked carefully at his cock, it stood rigidly to attention.

“Bend over, put your hands against the mirror and move your legs apart. Stick out your ass.”

I saw the fear and excitement in his eyes as he looked at me and saw that I was serious. For the first time ever he checked me out in a way that was unashamed and I saw him drink in the sight of me in my short black halterneck dress and black stiletto-heeled mules.

Obediently, he did as I told him to.

I had recently invested in a number of exciting sex toys for me and my girlfriend and, as I dug beneath the handfuls of lingerie, I considered the double-ended dildo. But I didn’t want to get too into it myself – this time, anyway. I wanted to punish him. So I selected my strap-on.

“Get on your hands and knees on the floor,” I commanded him. “Facing the mirror,” Alexis quickly did as he was told. “Pull those panties to the side.”

I pulled my dress over my head and tossed it on the floor. I saw Alexis gazing at me in fear and wonder through the mirror, on his hands and knees, as he watched me strap on my cock; bare breasted and wearing nothing but my black stiletto heels and a tiny black thong.

Smiling at him wickedly, I made a show of using plenty of lube, stroking my thick shaft as I looked at my submissive little boy bitch in the mirror and then, with his dark hair wrapped round my hand and pulling it to make him arch his back towards me, I rammed my cock against his tight little fuckhole and I entered him.

It was the first time I had done this to a man but it went in rather easily.

Alexis screamed with delight. Had he done this before, I wondered? Perhaps with MY toys?! So I fucked him extra hard for any possible deception.

As Alexis bucked under my thrusts taking my cock as deep in his ass as the little sissy bitch possibly could, I pulled his hair hard as I told him: “Look at me, you little faggot. You need this, you want this, you crave this. My little sissy boy bitch. You little sissy whore. Your ass is mine.”

Wrapping my left arm round his neck and choking him slightly, I brought him up to a low, legs-spread, kneeling position.”Look at yourself,” I said as I pulled his cock out of my purple panties. I stroked his cock hard with my right hand as he screamed with joy and I fucked his ass hard.”Go on, cum you little sissy boy, cum you little whore, cum all over my panties with my cock in your ass like the little bitch you are.”

As I pumped his cock while I fucked his ass with all my strength, I looked over his shoulder at him in the mirror and I gave a final hard thrust as I watched him shoot an absolute fountain of hot cum all over my hand and all over my panties with some of it hitting the mirror.

“Lick it up. All of it. Start with my hand,” I said as I stared at Alexis in the mirror. Lowering his eyes, he licked my hand gratefully and then licked up every last drop from the mirror, the floor and then wiped it from his body and my panties and licked his fingers.

“Right – now get out! You can keep my lingerie for now.”

Alexis fled.

We both knew it wouldn’t be the last time.


In case you missed it, here’s Part 1.

The story continues – “My Pretty Sissy Boy“.

If you would love to hear the whole story, my audio is available from the Temple store.

Love, Georgina


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