Panty Thief – Part 1

I had a complicated relationship with Alexander, my stepbrother.

Suddenly introduced into each other’s lives when his father had married my mother, we were expected to behave like brother and sister. This was difficult at times since we found each other extremely attractive.

Alexander was slender in build and, despite very different colouring, actually looked quite a bit like me. People often mistook us for blood relatives. He had big green eyes, shoulder-length dark hair and a body with broad shoulders and very narrow hips. He also wore very tight jeans and I tried not to, but sometimes I caught myself looking secretly at his gorgeous ass and what seemed to be a promisingly heavy dick.

I knew he looked at me too and tried desperately to be a gentleman about it, which is why I was utterly shocked to come home one day and find him parading around my bedroom wearing a pair of my purple lace panties! A very beautiful skimpy thong from Coco de Mer in London with shimmering embroidery and an enchanting little keyhole detail at the back. Alexander was standing on tiptoe with one leg forward like a glamorous model as he admired himself and pouted in my full-length mirror with his dark hair tumbling over one shoulder.

I caught my breath in shock and admiration.

This was followed quickly by absolute rage that not only had the little fucker had the nerve to raid my lingerie drawers but he quite possibly looked even better in those panties than I did!

“Would you like a bra to go with those?” I asked sardonically, as I stood in the bedroom doorway and raised my eyebrow at him. Alexander blushed absolutely scarlet as he suddenly became all graceless and flat-footed, clapping his hands over what was definitely a big, thick, hardening dick, straining to escape from those purple panties.

“Um, no . . . yes . . . really do you have one? Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” said Alexander as we both collapsed into absolute hysterics on my bed. I was still quite cross, though.”OK, sweetheart, let’s dress you up properly,” I said. “I do have a bra to go with those panties and you definitely need some stockings.”

“Oh, really, can I . . . ?! ” gasped Alexander as we stood up and went over to the dressing table where I kept my lingerie. As I surveyed the absolute mess which my dear stepbrother had made of all four drawers of my exquisite lingerie, I was furious. I said nothing about this for the moment.

I adjusted Alexander’s purple panties thoughtfully as I ran my fingertips over that hard cock. He gasped with shock and pleasure, much as I had when I first saw him in my panties. Thank goodness the lace was stretchy. There was no way he would have able to fit them over his cock and balls otherwise. His slim hips were fine, though. The purple lace arching over his pert, muscular buttocks framed his ass perfectly.

“Right, my naughty sissy boy – let’s get you into my bra.”

I had trouble fastening it at the back as I had to use the last clip rather than the first which was the one I always used for me. I made Alexander lean forward as I slid the purple satin straps up over his strong shoulders. As he stood up, I had managed to create a delightful boy cleavage out of the firm flesh over his pectoral muscles. Alexander was thrilled.

He sat compliantly at my dressing table as I broke open the cellophane on a new pair of sheer, black, hold-up stockings and I rolled them, one by one, over his slender feet and up his long, well-muscled legs. He was a few inches taller than me – just over 6 feet – so the stockings only came to mid-thigh. But he looked exquisite.

I wanted to put him in heels as well, but there was no way his feet would fit into my shoes. I was not prepared to try to stretch the leather. But the naughty boy was prepared for this. With my permission, he scampered off to his room. He quickly came back with a small locked suitcase. It contained a pair of the most elegantly slutty, black peeptoe stiletto heels. I wondered how much he had planned this. It made me extra excited and cross.


Part 2

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Love, Georgina


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