Pain and Pleasure – Master Makes Me His – Part Two

My wrists twist and turn causing the pain to shoot through them. Begging to be free so I could clutch at my throat that is aching for oxygen. My vision becomes blurry as stars appear. His cock pushing that very button, that very nerve that destroys me. One that sends sparks through my body, and forces me to become a true puppet. I watch as my world became cloudy with the blissful darkness. All of sudden, all at once my master thrust one last time and I felt my insides being coated with his hot baby-making liquids. I gasp as the sweet pure oxygen fills my lungs.

“Yes, master…impregnate me,” I whisper.

Leaning into my ear he says, “I promise. You will be bred with my children my sweet baby girl.”

“Yes…I will bear your children.” I’m your precious girl I think to myself. Fill me to the brim. Make it no question that I’m pregnant.  Oh please, use me up and make me your prisoner. Don’t ever allow me to escape your grasp. Abuse me, bruise me, however you like. Make my body scream in pleasure and in pain. I desire it, I desire you. 

He pulls out, his cum dripping from me and I mentally wish it wouldn’t. 

“Can you just imagine?” he says, almost excitedly. “A child inside you my princess. You’d make me the happiest man alive.” 

A soft smile forms on my lips. “Yes please master. I wish nothing more than for you to be happy.”

He growls almost like an animal and thrusts back inside my pussy.  “You’re going to be my good little bitch aren’t you?”

“Yes, master! I promise!” I gasp and scream.

I feel his bare chest lean over me and his teeth sink into my skin sending pain throughout. Such pleasure with the pain. How I love this thrill. As he takes something hard and cold and places it on my breast, I hear the buzz of it first. Then electricity shoots throughout me. Causing my body to spasm like crazy.

“Oh…g-god,” I groan in ecstasy.

“Yes baby” he groans. “Yeeeeesssssss” 

I knew he’s getting close again, I love that I can make him hard in such a small time frame. How he affects me, I can do just the same for him. 

The stick sparks and therefore that agonizing pain flows again. I can feel my muscles clenching. Feel my body trying to deter from it but I force myself to press more into it. He tosses the stick I assume because I hear a clatter across the room. His hips changed motion and I feel his breath in my ear. The chills, the pain, the pleasure it was all too much, I couldn’t bear it anymore. I explode and my back arches, Trying to scream but cut off as his hand wraps around my throat grasping it tightly.

“Yes baby,” he growls in my ear. “Oh God baby, yes!”

He thrusts into me in fast-pounding motions. Motions that can throw off your heartbeat. Too much too fast,  therefore my brain becomes scrambled. With one last hard push, he jams himself in me one last time, filling me once again. My body feels so full, so heated and so insane. I’ve lost myself in the pleasure. 

He lays on my body which is now shaking from it all. Hours on end we’ve done this, and now like all good stories, it must come to an end.

He leans in my ear and whispers, “you’re mine and mine alone.” His hand plays with my hair. “Don’t you ever forget that.”

I smile and simply reply. “Yes, Master.”

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